Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Should have Become a Spy!

All three kids are sound asleep for nap time.  Serenity!  For that reason, I am taking a little time out for me to do some writing, I thought I'd write about my secret life.  What secret life you might ask?... Well, okay, technically speaking, it is my secret life in another dimension.  In that dimension, I am a spy! 

When I was a little girl, I remember getting a Carmen Sandiego kit.  By myself, I would pretend to be the ultimate spy.  I would run (and bike) around the town pretending to be sneaking up on people, and covertly having conversations into my watch.  This is one of the things that has followed me into my adulthood, not because I still run and bike around town acting like a spy, but because I love to watch movies that are about spies and covert operations.  Movies like the Bourne Franchise, The Mission Impossible Franchise, Knight and Day, James Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Salt, even down to the television series Chuck.  These are my all time favorite movies, for the fact that they are about spy and espionage.  My novel has a trace of the same thing, adventure, love, thrill, and spies!  I realize that the adventure and thrill in spy flicks are portrayed by the media in a romanticized fashion, but they got me, hook line and sinker. 

Now, I don't remember watching a ton of spy movies as a kid (other than James Bond with my dad), but somewhere the seed of espionage was planted... somewhere... maybe in another life?  Ha!

Hoss can attest that my mind never seems to stop.  I think up so many different ideas within minutes (maybe it is a woman thing?).  In fact, just the other day, we were driving across town, and I recall imagining that we came into a large amount of money.  I began sharing those ideas with Hoss.  We, or rather, I was talking about what kind of house we would buy if we had plenty of money to get anything we wanted, then the question was where?  Of course Hoss, bless him, goes along with it.  I'm the one doing the talking and probing, and he is very kind to let me fantasize. Ha!  The spy bit, is no different.

So now that I have revealed my geek.... *Blush*

I pose the question that I ask myself all too often... What if I had become a spy?