Monday, October 31, 2011


My girls with their friends.
Its Halloween today... I swear, it was two days ago!  It seems like the holidays, especially those that involve a ton of food tend to run for more than one day.  The school my kids attend had a Fall Festival (really Halloween party) nearly two weeks ago!  So we have been playing the dress up, trick-or-treat candy day for more than one day.  I mean it is so fun, what's not to love?  The kids are happy, they get wired on candy, then crash and sleep so well!  Ha!  I kid... well, kind of.

The point for this extra post today is to remind you, and myself that there will be lots of candy and treats and well, even if you choose today to be a day off, it is wise to be careful with how much you eat.  This is a great reminder for me.  I see a bowl of candy, and take one.  Then a little later, I take another... and so on.. before I know it, I have probably eaten more candy that my 100 calorie allotment.  With that kind of reality, it seems better to just grab a bunch and eat it to get your fill out of the way. :)

My Baby K billy goat.
What are your self-control tips when it comes to being surrounded by junk food?

PS  we had a trunk-or-treat on Saturday at our church, so I had the girls pick out their favorite candies, and we are going to hand out the rest tonight to trick-or-treaters. 

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe, and have fun!


Monday Weigh-in and Measure-up!

First off, this post is one that I do not get to prepare before hand, so that is why each one will be published later in the morning.


Neck: 15.75
Bicep: 15.75
Bust:  50
Waist: 52
Hips: 49.75
Thigh: 31.25

I wonder how much my measurements fluctuate due to me not measuring in the exact same place.  I try to get it accurate every time, but I'm sure I don't.. my rule of thumb is to measure the biggest part of my arm, neck waist, bust, hips, and thigh.

I am very pleased with this past week's results.  I definitely wasn't as diligent as I should have been.  I seem to have a problem with doing just enough to get by.  I think I need to up that this week.  A new goal to add to the two I made last week is to go the extra mile!

To compare with last week's Weigh-in, Measure-up, click here!

How did you do?

Happy losing!

Evelyn Curtis

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love Yourself Sunday: Self Talk

What is self talk?  

Self talk is addressing yourself in a particular manner.  It was what you say to yourself throughout the day that is either negative of positive.

We all self talk, and sometimes I wonder if we realize it.  I know that I am not completely aware of it.  Sometimes I am, and other times, not so much.

In the post, Its All in a Name, I touch on my negative self talk briefly.  I mentioned how I would sometimes call myself fat, and that by calling myself fat, I am fully accepting that adjective as the label the defines who I am.  This type of thinking is not easy to change, and I am a good example of that.  I know it really bothers Jason when I ask things like, "Do I look fat in this?"

What am I getting at?

How we look in a particular outfit is neither here, nor there.  That is a superficial expression of self love.  It is only seeing the material being, rather than an eternal being created in the image of God.

Let that sink in.

We are all created in the image of God.  I'll say it again.  We are all created in the image of God!

Would God create something to resemble Him that he thought was worthless?

I don't think so... no, I know so.  After all, He is all knowing, powerful, patient, loving, kind, and always the same.

With that in mind, I want to steer the topic back to self talk.  I am trying to think about how God feels when I say negative things about myself.  When my children say negative things about themselves, it makes me feel terrible.

Little H (child #2) one day said, "I can't run fast, because I'm fat." (She is barely 6, and beautiful).

That broke my heart.  She is not fat!  I wanted to drill it in her that she is not fat!  I wanted to shout it from the roof tops, I wanted to weep over what she had labeled herself with!

But where did she learn it from?


Not only has my negative self talk had an astounding affect on how I feel about myself, but my children have been picking up on it too.  They have been learning from me, how to be critical of themselves.

So take a look at yourself.  Are you saying negative things about yourself that others are hearing?  Are they internalizing it?  Are they using that as an example of how to think about themselves?

I know that God does not want us to see ourselves in such a negative light.  We just have to change where the light is coming from.  No one is perfect, so we have to remember to be patient with ourselves (this is something that I am really REALLY learning right now).

It is hard to change over night, but we can start small, and make a small change everyday.

I am posing a 3 step challenge:  I will do this too.

  1. In the morning, you are to look in the mirror at yourself.  I mean really look.  Focus on nothing else but you, and tell yourself one positive thing.  Say it until you feel silly.  Say it until you smile.  Sing it!  Chant it!  Say it however you need to, in order to make it sink in.
  2. Kneel down and pray about whatever you feel like praying about.  I know that God listens to our prayers, and I have had many conversations with Him.  There have been many times when I have just knelt down and wept like a little girl crying to her daddy.  I ALWAYS feel better.
  3. Put on some calm, uplifting, thought provoking music, and go about your day!

Do this every day for this whole week.  Then let me know how it went.  On my next Love Yourself Sunday post, I will report on my experience!

Choose to Love Yourself TODAY, because I love you!

Happy losing!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Goals Regroup

Me icing my knee while Baby K plays.
This last week as an okay week in terms of my exercising.  I'm still dealing with a swollen knee, with suspicions that it is worse that I am hoping it is.  I am thinking about setting up an appointment with an orthopedist.  We shall see, the last thing that I want to deal with is more doctors (we are still paying off the baby being born-I love him so!).

I have some exciting news about how my workouts might be changing this upcoming week, but I am hesitant to say why until I know for sure that it is going to happen!  But I have been giddy about it for the last day (since finding out)!  I realize that I'm leaving you hanging, but it keeps things interesting!  Ha!

Enough beating around the bush.

My goal for Week 5 is to regroup 
and do what I can as best as I can.
My goal is to not miss a day!

Like I said, Week 4 has been difficult do to the swelling.  I have decided to cut way way back on the running.  This makes me sad, as I have loved it.  However, I can walk, and I can do yoga.  Of course those are not the only forms of exercise.  I just have to get creative until my knee is strong enough to continue on!

What is your goal?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Food For Thought Friday: Going Natural

This post is a little bit late, since I like to post in the morning, but here it is all the same!  I had a busy morning.  Both of my girls received awards at school, so Jason and I went there to cheer for them.  They beamed at their accomplishment, which made me very happy to see it!  Then I was off to the grocery store.  Pay day.  Need I say more?  Now that I am home and eating my orange and cottage cheese, I thought I'd better get my post up for you!

This is a great topic for me to write about today, since it was on my mind while shopping.
Going Natural.  In regards to food.  In the past we would buy breakfast cereal, and we would eat it for practically every day of the week.  Now, cereal is not bad, it is great, and quick, and easy... but we were buying all of the sugar filled cereals.  You and I both know that excess amounts of sugar is going to do more harm than good right?  Besides, after eating a bowl, it only takes an hour until you feel like you are starving!

Cereal is not the only thing that is a common grocery item that is bought that is just packed with ingredients that your body can do without.  What about pre-prepared foods?  Sides in a bag... soup in a can... pretty much anything that all you have to do is pop it in the microwave, and it is ready to eat.

Let me make a disclaimer, I am not saying that all of these things are horrible.  I'm just saying that there are a lot of ingredients in these foods that are not natural.  They are not meant for your body to consume.  And let's face it, our bodies do not know what to do with some of those ingredients!  All of these pre-packaged, pre-prepared foods are filled with... 1. a ton of sodium (which too much is bad for blood pressure and weight loss), and 2. they are filled with preservatives that are not going to help your body, and like I mentioned, your body doesn't know what to do with them, so they store those extras.

So when you are grocery shopping, take a look at what you are typically buying.  What is in it, and what could you eat that is better for you and your family?

Next, take a look at the price tag.  The packaged items are usually more expensive than just buying the ingredients and making something from scratch!  Seriously!

A bag of cereal at Wal-mart is $6 approximately.  I can make a healthy granola that is twice the amount for the same amount of money!  Just saying!  Think about it!

Food for thought!

Happy losing!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Worst Enemy

I mentioned my new blog in my last post here, and I have been putting a lot of energy into it.  It has been so good for me to dig down into my bad habits and root them out one by one.  The process that I have been undergoing with my weight loss program has been very enlightening.

I just wanted to share my most recent post with you all, as it is a major break through for me.

The link is here:  Worst Enemy

You'll have to let me know what you think!

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone and everyone!  The more support I have the better, and I'd love to be able to support others as well!

I haven't forgotten about updating you all on my family, and I definitely will!  So stay tuned!


Adversity Thursday: Worst Enemy

What do you think when you hear of the subject "will power?"

Think about it.

When I pondered this topic, I closed my eyes and let my mind go, and I came up with this illustration.

So I'm a bit visual.  This is what I picture when I think of will power.

A strong person who is standing conqueror over her bad habits.  She is using all of her strength to lift her willpower above her head.  The thing that is helping her to raise her will power is her mind.  To me, this represents mind over matter.  She is able to do it, because she knows, or believes that she can.  Yet, with the motion marks and sweat, it shows that it is taking her a great deal of effort to push that will power up.  All the while, she is smiling, because she is happy that her bad habits are beneath her in all sense of the meaning.  She is victorious.

When it comes to will power, I am my own worst enemy.  I have talked about this briefly in previous posts, but I have never really jumped into the topic very deep.  In my near 28 years of life, I have come to realize that I stand in my own way the majority of the time...especially when it comes to weight loss and health.

When I wake up, I mentally place before me choices for the day.  I usually have the desire to work out.  I love it, really.  However, when I get to bed at a late hour, I am less motivated to get myself out there.  When someone brings over a treat, say a piece of cake, or some candy (last night, a secret "ghost" left us a bag of candy at our door), I have to really engage myself in making a decision to eat only one piece of candy, or to get rid of the rest.  Even if I don't get rid of it, I still have to consciously make the decision to not eat piece after piece throughout the day (after all, it was meant for my daughters).

Another time that I need to place my will power over my bad habits is when I am hungry and looking for something to eat.  Often times, for me, the quick and easy snacks are usually low in nutrients, and high in calories.

So how do we do it?  How do we use our will power to make better choices for our lives?  Because, ultimately, we can choose whatever we want... we don't HAVE to eat healthy, and we don't HAVE to work out, but we do know that those are the things that are going to help us get to a healthy weight.

I can't give you a definite answer on this.  Every person is different.  But one thing that I do know, we need to determine what our weaknesses are.  We need to analyze our choices, food and activities, and we have to determine where our problem lies.  What are our bad habits?  In any addiction program, we have to take the step away from denial, and accept that we need to change.

This is Honest Weight Loss after all, so I will start.  I am addicted to sugar.  I crave it daily.  I am a bored snacker, meaning I root through the cupboards when I am bored.  This plays a close hand to me being a depressed eater.  I eat when I am feeling down.  Lastly, I am a rebellious eater.  I eat to spite someone else.  It is my coping mechanism when I cannot retaliate.  All in all, I am an emotional eater.  I abuse food, for my own pleasure, and for my relief of strong emotion.

Wow.  I have never come to that conclusion.  I mean, some of these things I have known, but I never noticed that I use food to cope with my emotional problems.  As I was typing this out, the words just came to my head.


That is really a giant pill to swallow.  I had no idea that my weight problem was rooted to my emotions.

So, let's talk about how to cope with this.  I hope that you are thinking about why you eat, or what keeps your will power at bay.

From the therapy experience that I have had, I know that each of us have our issues.  We have our triggers and we have our coping mechanisms, and these two things usually move in cycles.  For example, I get bored and go looking for something to eat when I am not necessarily hungry.  That usually leads to me feeling icky, and in turn feeling bad about myself.  When I begin feeling bad about myself, I begin to self-loath and begin to feel depressed.  When I begin to feel depressed, I eat.  When I get upset, angry, frustrated, and impatient, I eat.

My triggers are negative emotions and negative self-talk.  Those all lead to the consumption of unhealthy or too much food.

I found these two awesome diagrams on this website Chocolate is My Kryptonite.  They give a visual of the cycle.

The trick that my therapist taught me was to notice when a trigger is coming on, and stop it before it happens.  That means, often times, changing the normal things that you do to bring on negative feelings.  For me, it is less internet shows (hulu), less idleness, and more doing... cleaning, cooking, exercising, reading my scriptures, and praying.  When I do these things, I prevent any and all negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  When I do all of these things, I feel good about myself.

It is never a perfect science, because like the title says, I am my own worst enemy.  Its time to step out of my own way, and change the bad habits.  One habit at a time, I can slowly build up my self will... and by then, I just might not need to exert my self will, because my habits will be good ones.  Its just like a runner or athlete.  He or she has to train in order to be able to perform in excellent shape.  I can't go and run a marathon right now.  I have to train for it.  One day at a time, one mile at a time.

So REMEMBER, we can't change over night!  We just have to change the little things bit by bit and eat the elephant one bite at a time.... PUN COMPLETELY INTENDED!

Now get out of your own way, because NOTHING is impossible!

Happy losing!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Organization and a Call for Guest Bloggers!

Now that I have You Are What You Say You Are well established with posts, I want to get more organized.  There are seven main topics that I write about for this blog.  I have titled them as: Weigh-in Measure-up, Fitness, Meals/Food, Adversity, Food for Thought, Goals, and Love Yourself.

I originally wanted to write about one topic per day, but at the beginning of the blog, I had too many bones to lay out to structure the program.  Now that the structure is there, I'm ready to begin the daily topics.

Monday:  Weigh-in, Measure-up
Tuesday:  Fitness
Wednesday:  Food
Thursday:  Adversity
Friday:  Food for Thought
Saturday:  Goals
Sunday:  Love yourself <3

So, today is the first of the official Food Wednesday series.  It will include recipes and information about food, like the benefits and nutrients of certain foods... basically, anything food!

In the next few days, I will have a link at the top for each of these categories so that you can easily find any past posts by topic!

image via
This plan will help me break out of my monotonous tendencies.  I tend to do the same workouts, and eat the same foods each day.  It will help me branch out, and hopefully you too!

Also, I am currently looking for guest bloggers!  Do you have some information that you would love to share with me and with others about any of the above topics?  Then please, email me!  I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Note, I will have you submit your writing to me for approval.  I may or may not ask you to make any changes before I post it.  If you get approved for a guest post, I will include an introduction of you, with any and all link backs to your own website, blog and/or facebook pages... basically, wherever you want to refer people for more of your writing.

Food Wednesday: Fish and Chips

 My family loves fish, and they love the chips that are typically served with it in Europe (so I am told, I still have yet to visit).  We had it last night, and it was delicious!

So today, I am posting two recipes!  They are both very simple, but in my mind, very tasty... and they make a nearly complete meal!

Pan Fried Tilapia

1 Tilapia fillet (1 fillet=1 serving, so make accordingly--I make 4 for all table food eating members of my family)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Desired Seasonings

Preheat pan at medium heat.  While pan is heating up, season fish to taste.  Once the pan is hot, add the olive oil.  When the oil is hot, place the fish seasoned side down on the pan.  Note: If you put vegetables and meats in the oil before it is hot, it will absorb the oil.  Let the fish cook slowly, and to get a nice browning.  Flip only once, as to not dry out the meat.  One good way to keep the fish moist is to place a lid over the pan while it cooks.

From prep to cooked, it takes approx. 15-20

My kids LOVE french fries.  They LOVE them...especially homemade french fries.  Just wait until you try these!  I pulled this recipe off of the internet, here.

No Guilt French Fries

1 Potato (1/2-1 potato=1 serving, so make accordingly--I cooked 2 last night for my two girls and myself).
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Desired Seasoning

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.  Cut/slice the potatoes and place in a large bowl.  Add the oil, and seasoning (the more potatoes you use, the more olive oil you might have to use as well), mix well.  Lightly spray a large baking sheet.  Once the oven is heated, spread the potatoes over the sheet and bake in oven for about 20 minutes.  Then remove from oven to turn potatoes and stir.  Return to oven for 20-25 more minutes, or until browned and starting to crisp around edges. 

For ultimate time management, start the potatoes first.  Once the potatoes are in the oven for the second round of baking is when I start cooking the tilapia.  The timing is near perfect!  Often, I pull my tilapia out of the freezer before I start my potatoes.  I then put them in water to thaw (it only takes a short time for them to thaw).  You'll have to let me know how these work out for you!

There you have your fish and chips!  
Serve with a green salad or fresh raw vegetables for a well balanced meal!  
Be sure that your dressing is diet friendly, and use only a small amount.  
My choice is Italian dressing made with olive oil.
It is important to remember that you cooked your fries and fish in olive oil,
so apply it sparingly to your salad.
I have found that you really don't need much anyway!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I was getting ready for the day today, I just kept thinking about my weight gain.  It is hard not to get discouraged about it.  I also am hard on myself.  When I do not do something the way I know I could, I really seem to beat myself up over it.  So I was thinking about how my knee is so swollen that I cannot bend it as far as I need to to do certain stretches.

The thought that I had was, "how am I ever going to strengthen my knee if I can't even stretch it?"  I really feel that is what it needs at this point.

But only seconds after, I was inspired with the thought, "If you keep working at it, and keep trying, it will get better."
So I am going to put my faith in those words, and I am going to keep working at it.  I won't fail.  To fail would be to ultimately say to my self, "You can't do it."  And I don't believe it!  I don't, and I won't!

I will do it!  I might have stiffness, soreness, and more swelling along the way, but as long as I am taking care not to re-injure my knee, it will get stronger, and I WILL be able to meet my goals in running and everything else!

So, what do we do from here?  We take a moment to forget the past.  Forget and forgive ourselves all of the times that we didn't try, or the times that we gave up, or the times that we were hard on ourselves.  Push those things aside, because they are only going to place doubt in our minds!

When I hit a road block, I just have to stop and take the time to clear it out of the way.  Then continue on down the road.

I will, because I CAN!  Nothing is impossible!

Happy losing!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 4 Weigh-in and Measure-up

I am very glad that week 3 is over.  It was discouraging.  My weigh-in was a little bit disappointing.

As you can see, comparing with last week,  I gained 3 pounds this week.  No excuses, while I was unable to push myself in my workouts do to the large amount of swelling in my knee (read about it here), I was not diligent with my diet.  I suppose that if I would have stuck to my eating plan to a T, then I would have lost a little, or even maintained.

After I weighed I just sat down and sighed.  I felt terrible about myself for being weak and not working harder last week.  But my wonderful husband Jason said, "Remember Evie, its not about losing weight.  Its about changing your life."

He is so right.  I can't get chained to the scale and the numbers.  All in all, I feel so much better physically, and I feel so much better about myself.  I noticed one day that I walked into a building with confidence.. not slouched and hiding behind my kids or my baby.  That feels good.

So I'm challenging you all to forget about the numbers and just do it to change your life, not just to lose weight.  Its something that we can never be done with.  Its not, "a drop the weight and go back to how I was living," kind of thing.  It needs to be a, "I'm changing my life so I don't ever have to be overweight again."

Neck: 16
Bust: 49.5
Waist: 52.5
Hips: 49.25
Thigh: 31
All in inches

I definitely lost in inches!  That is great to see, even though I didn't do so great with the weight part for the week.  And to make matters better, this morning Jason mentioned that my exercise clothes are look more loose!  Yaay!

How did you do?

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keepin' You in the Loop

Hello friends!  I hope you are all well!

I am sitting here in my recliner with my feet up and ice strapped to my knee.  I have had a frustrating few days.  The few times that I have run this week have seemed to really strain my knee.  Now, if you read My Story, you will understand why my knee might be swelling up from the high impact exercises.  I am still trying to determine if the swelling is from re-injury or if it is a natural part of the re-integration of high impact exercises.

Please, you have had experience with having a meniscectomy, then by all means, let me know how your recovery was/is with becoming more active!

Ultimately, I have been feeling somewhat down yesterday and today because of the swelling.  I find myself shaking my head... hear we go again!  I finally start to change my life and do something good for myself, and I get injured.  I suppose that is part of my trial, to break through the obesity and become healthy while taking care not to injure myself more!

Here's my wish list! Photo Via
I may be discouraged, but it is going to take a whole lot more than swelling to stop me.  I've set my mind, and there is no going back now.  I just might have to do less running... for now.

The next thing on my agenda is to purchase a bike.  Know anyone who wants to sponsor me a bike?  I'll totally advertise them on my blog!  Trying to keep the dream alive!

Happy losing!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Enough Sleep Helps Fight Negativity

I sat down after an exhausting workout the other day, and just happened to glance down at my body.  The thought came to me, "This is going to take forever."  Then other thoughts followed, "Its so hard." "It will never end" and "I could just stop."

Let's talk about what I did the night before.  Jason and I watched a movie.  It was a good use of time, we watched an informative documentary (our favorite right now).  It was only one hour long over by 10pm.  I should have went to bed right then.  Instead, we began looking for more good videos to watch.  I began to search youtube for ways to make raw beet juice, and other healthy things.

So, none of these are bad.. the problem is that I wound up not getting to bed until midnight, and I was already tired to begin with.

I woke up at the usual time the next morning, feeling extra tired because I ignored my body and didn't go to bed when I was so ready at 10pm.

I am telling you from experience, it is much harder to fight the negative and procrastinating thoughts when you are not getting enough sleep!

So, I'm setting a goal.  My bed time is 10:30, unless I am falling asleep at 9.  Then it is at 9 pm.

Click on the picture to be redirected to a website all about the benefits of getting a full night of sleep.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beet Juice Recip

I thought that I should document the recipe that I have been using for my beet juice.  It is really delicious, I promise!

Photo Via
1 red beet in small slices
1 apple also sliced (I like the apples that have a little tartness to them)
1/2-1 cup of sliced cucumbers
1 handful of celery sticks
1 small handful of carrots
1 small handful of spinach
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

I use my bar blender.  It really works great.  A juicer would be so much nicer and quicker, but we work with what we have.

Put 1 cup of filtered water in the blender and turn on high.  Add each vegetable and fruit in one or two at a time until all is added and blended well.

Next, this is if you are using a blender.  Strain juice from the pulp.  I use a fine mesh strainer.  Once all of the juice is extracted, you are done!

I like to drink my beet juice cold.  I have blended a little bit of ice with the juice, and I have had it over ice with some citrus juice mixed in.

You can omit and add any ingredients that you would like.  This is just my favorite version of the recipe!

Happy losing!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I learned about endorphins in junior high science class.  I don't remember much about what I learned, other than they are the natural feel good chemicals released in your brain!  I don't know about you, but I love to feel good and happy!

Melissa Walker, a journalist for ivillage quoted Alan Hersch, MD saying, "Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced in the brain that reduce pain [...] they have also been known to induce euphoria (Walker, 2011. para 2)."

Each person is different in when they release endorphins, but it usually occurs when the person has exerted effort, is experiencing a certain level of pain, by laughing, or even when eating spicy foods!  The release of endorphins is a natural pain killer.

I am not a scientist, nor a biologist.  I just know that I love endorphins and always have.  I love the feeling after I run, do squats, sprints, and all manner of workouts.  I usually have a bounce in my step and a smile on my face.

Just last Thursday when I worked out, it was the first time that I ran a certain length of the track non-stop, and as I crossed my goal finish line, I had a giant smile on my face.  The combination of endorphins with the euphoria of actually meeting a goal of mine was wonderful!

So, endorphins, keep 'em comin'!

Happy losing!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raw Beet Juice: The Benefits

Jason and I recently heard about the benefits of raw beet juice.  There are so many vitamins and nutrients that come from the beets, and cooking them kills many of those nutrients.

I am striving for a more nutrient balance diet for my whole family.  Losing weight for me is not just a quest to have completed.  I want to change my life, and the lives of my family.  I want to be healthy, fit, and ready for anything that is thrown in our path.

Some benefits of raw beet juice
-Beets are packed with vitamin C (which is an antioxidant:  An antioxidant helps rid your body of the "free radicals" that can work against your health (Group, 2009).
-Folic acid and Iron are also high contributors to good things found in beets.
-For diabetics, beets can help regulate blood sugar levels.
-"Beet juice is a significant source of nitrates, chemicals that are converted in the body to nitrites, which act as vasodilators, opening up blood vessels and allowing blood to flow easily through the body (McAdams, 2010. para 5)."

I am willing to give beet juice a go!  I don't have a history of high blood pressure, but it can't hurt!

Here is a video that I found informative in how to prepare beet juice.  It is super easy, and doesn't take too long!  I've made it before and plan on making it again tonight!

Visit this website for more information and the actual recipe! Vegalicious

 Let me know what you think!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 3 Weigh-in and Measure-up

Anticipating a weigh in is always kind of worrisome, especially when I haven't been perfect at the plan for the week.  Week one, I slacked on the exercise portion of my program, and this last week, I slacked on the diet.  I didn't over eat, and I didn't eat very many unhealthy, refined sugar containing things.  I was just not diligent in eating every 2-4 hours 5 times a day.  So, I was worried that it would really show in my weigh-in and measure-up.  Okay, I'll stop stalling.

Neck: 16.5"
Arm:  15"
Bust:  50"
Waist: 52.5
Hips: 50.5
Thigh: 30.5

Last week I did not measure myself, so we are comparing with week 1.  I am pleased to see that I have dropped inches!  That's progress!  I look forward to more of my smaller clothing fitting.


I am super pleased with this!  Compared to week 2, I have lost approximately 4 pounds per week, beating my goal by 2 pounds! 

Since the first time I weighed myself before the program started, I have lost 12 pounds in about 3 weeks!  Not too bad!  Let's just keep the numbers moving down!

Keep positive, and happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impulse Eating

The American culture seems to have developed the desire to eat for pleasure and not for sustenance...GUILTY!  Not only that, we tend to self sooth with food.  When one is depressed, he or she might open the refrigerator and find something to eat....with the possibility of not even being hungry... GUILTY again!

As a society we are so driven by our own cravings that a vast amount of us are eating ourselves to infertility, depression, laziness, and even death!  It seems that it is time (for me) to take control.

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem.  I am a bored eater.  As a stay at home mother, I often get bored and go to the kitchen for something to munch on.  The constant snacking adds up, and before I know it, I have consumed twice the amount of calories that my body needs.  Which, in turn, my body doesn't know what to do with the left calories... so what does it do?  It stores it!

Ways to beat the impulse!

  1. -Brush your teeth:  I find that I am less likely to snack if I have freshly brushed teeth.
  2. -Chew gum:  A great way to distract my mind with the fresh feeling of the spearmint.
  3. -Never, Never NEVER go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  I tell you, every time I do this, I wind up coming home with extra snack foods that are high in unhealthy carbs, and I spend more money!
  4. -Avoid the candy isle or the bakery section of the store.  Why flirt with temptation?
  5. -Make a shopping list, and stick with it.  Not only will you avoid impulse buying, but you will likely save money!
  6. -Plan meals in advance:  This helps me remember that there is a plan.  It saves money and prevents too much eating out.
  7. -Keep snack foods put away:  Never leave them out where you can see them.  Out of sight, out of mind!
  8. -Put healthier options in the front of the fridge, cupboards, and/or pantry.  That's a great way to forget about the unhealthy snack, and choose something good instead.
  9. -If you are having a craving, drink big glass of cold water.  This is a good way to put something in your stomach, and often times it fills the craving, because you are likely lacking in nutrients of some variety.
  10. -Stay active.  Remaining idle allows for my mind to wander to my habit of snacking.

These are all things that I am working on.  Some I do really well with, while others, I don't.  But we can change one behavior at a time! 

What are your tactics for overcoming compulsive eating?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Bad Do You Want It?

There are some people who are just natural born motivational speakers.  Eric Thomas is one of these.  I have seen this video a few times, and every time I do, I just want to hit the ground running.  Have a look.  The athlete in this video is named Giavanni Ruffin.  It is so inspiring!

"When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful!"
~ Eric Thomas

Stop being negative and just do it!

Good luck, and Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Yourself Through Service

One great way to love yourself is to serve someone else.  When we are genuinely concerned for someone else, we develop love for them.  That type of love is called charity.  Charity is the true love of Christ.  When we have charity, we not only develop a love for others, but we also develop love for ourselves.

The challenge for today's "Love Yourself Today" post is to do an act of service for someone else.

Care to share your experiences with me?  Email me or comment.

Yesterday, I felt impressed to take an older woman to the grocery store.  She attends my church and I had heard that she sometimes needs a ride but can't always find it.  After having the thought to take her, I began to push it aside.  But I finally called her and told her I was heading to the store anyway.  She was happy to come along, and I had a great time.  She is a sweet lady, and I look forward to more opportunities to help her.

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Story Part II

My two beauties (I had to share since I shared a pic of my boy)
In My Story Part I, I spilled all of my excuses for being over-weight.  Every single excuse that I have ever hidden behind was in that post.  Man!  That felt good!  I cleared the air.  I let it all go, and I am no longer hiding behind the excuses.

We can't let these little difficulties get in our way.  There has to come a point where we say, "enough is enough!"  We have to take responsibility for what we have allowed to happen to our bodies.

Setting aside the excuses isn't easy.  It is a default to fall back on them.  I am not perfect, and I foret often.  I can't tell you how many times I argued with myself about starting this blog.  It was really going to give me a reason to be accountable for my health.

I am glad that I did follow through with this blog.  I feel good about focusing on it and writing down the things that I learn.

Thanks for joining me!

Did you write down your story?  How does it feel to get past it?

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Vanilla Peanut Butter Sandwich

This is another favorite of mine (in all honesty I wouldn't share a recipe that wasn't)!  It is quick, easy, and it makes a great meal in between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. 

2 slices Whole wheat bread
1 Tbs Peanut Butter
1 Tbs Honey
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

Combine the peanut butter, honey, and protein powder in a bowl and mix well.  Spread over bread or toast and eat!

This is a great meal to mix before you leave the house.  From my experience, it is dangerous to get hungry while you are out running errands!... and this is a full meal!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Story Part I

As a teen, I was fit.  I played sports and excelled at them too.  I was healthy, and I felt good about myself.  When Jason and I were engaged to be married, we both expressed our desires to remain healthy and in good shape.  Never in a million years did I imagine that I would gain so much weight.

Once I got pregnant with child #1, I did not know what to expect afterward.  Shortly after she was born, I dropped all of the baby weight.  I received compliments and felt great!  But then the weight started to come on, and I didn't even realize it.  The defining moment was when I saw a picture of myself.  I was horrified at what I saw.  So I buckled down and started working out for a while.  I lost weight, and then I got pregnant again.

#3 and Me after church. He's handsome!
I remained active throughout pregnancy #2, and once again, when she was born, I dropped the weight within the first few weeks.  Like before, it didn't take long for the weight to come back on.  It took me a long time to realize why.  My body stores calories when I nurse.  So I gain weight.

There was 5 1/2 years between #2 and #3, and during that whole time my body went on a weight loss, weight gain roller coaster.  Finally at the beginning of 2009, I felt like I was getting it together.  I was losing weight, eating right, and feeling great.... then I got injured.  I tore my meniscus (aka a very painful knee injury).  That one incident changed my life; it set in motion a string of events, leading me here, not fully recovered from surgery, but needing to lose weight in order to recover.

For three months, I was unable to do much house work.  I spent most of my time sitting around.  I got out of the habit of doing.  I cooked less, cleaned less, and even interacted with my kids less.  The one thing that replaced these things were fast food, over consumption of the internet, more unhealthy snacking, and more sitting around.  I was always tired.

As a result, I was unable to get pregnant again.  Like I said before, "there was 5 1/2 years between #2 and #3."  So when #3 was in the cards, I promised myself that I would not gain weight when he nursed.  I was going to be careful.  Well, I failed.  There came a point after he was born where I didn't even look to see how much I weighed.  I avoided cameras (still do) and videos as best as I could.  I didn't even know what I looked like fully, as we don't have a full-length mirror.  I could just feel my clothes getting tighter.  I stopped wanting to go out, and I began telling myself hurtful things.

All of these things have lead me to this day, this point, where I feel I've hit rock bottom.  I'm ready to change, but I can't do it alone.  That much is evident.

So why do I share my "sob story" with you?  Because, we all have them, and in order to change, I feel like I needed to get it out there.  It is part of my honest weight-loss.

Own it and share it with me!  Email me or comment, and let's move past it together.

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

My Story Part II

Running or Walking: Whatever You Do

I thought of this post as I was on my way home from the park this morning.  I had a great workout.  I pushed myself even harder today with my running.  I ran even farther today than I did yesterday!  I promise you, these little mile stones feel great!

Pacing yourself while you walk or run:

This is something I had to learn as an athlete years ago.  So, this one thing I can tell you from experience is important.  In order to help increase your stamina and strengthen you lungs, you need to set your self a pace.  Often times, I do this with music.  Up-beat music that I can relate to really helps me get my rear end moving.  Nowadays, being over-weight, I really lean on good energetic music to propel.

But what I really want to talk about is not the music, but how you breath while you are walking or running.  You need to be sure that you are taking in enough oxygen to give your brain and your blood flow good circulation.  I have developed a breathing rhythm a long time ago that goes along with the steps I take.

Picture Source: Click here to read a great article on running.
For example:  When I am walking at a brisk pace, I count my breaths with my steps.  In-in-in, Out-out out (with each step).  For walking, I count three steps while breathing in, then three while breathing out.

Running is a little different.  I feel like I need to breath quicker when I run, so it is as follows:  In-in, Out-out.  Again, counting two steps while breathing in, then two while breathing out.

Develop your rhythm, and I am sure that you will improve in your walking and running at a quicker rate.

Don't forget to push yourself.  When you think you can't go any further, dig your toes in and go just a little further!  You can do it!  I can, so that means anyone can!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Never Give Up!

I have heard inspiring stories of weight loss before, and I have desired to do the same thing many times.  I think the thing that has held me back was thinking, "I can totally do that... I'll just do it later."  It is easy to let doubt creep into our thoughts after we have had those inspiring thoughts.  I know I have let that doubt bug tempt me to quit.

I have thought about just forgetting this whole thing multiple times.  But then I think to myself, but what about all of the other people that I am supposed to be supporting.  I don't think many people are reading this, but just that thought keeps me going.  I don't want to let anyone down... especially myself.

Go to source to watch video
This video is of David Faires from Utah who auditioned for The Biggest Loser.  He was not cast, but he decided that he wanted to lose the weight anyways.  He worked out over the summer and to date of the video has lost close to 200 lbs.

"I've cared all my life about losing weight, but it did me no good," Faires says. "Being inspired is only the first step. Being motivated enough and doing things is what it's all about ("

So don't wait too long before your inspiration turns into action.  The longer you wait the harder it will be!

Never give up!  I sure won't!

Do you know of any inspiring weight loss stories?

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Banana Ice Cream

Okay, this is an awesome recipe!  It is totally healthy, and is not really made of ice cream... yet you will be blown away by how much like ice cream it really is!

One ripe banana diced and frozen
1 oz Cream Cheese frozen
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Prepare before hand, the banana and cream cheese.  Make sure the banana is very ripe, like you would use for banana bread.  Be sure to use freezer bags for the bananas to help prevent them from turning brown.  I found 1 oz single serving packets of cream cheese at our local Sam's Club, and I just keep all of them in the freezer so they are ready to use.

After both items are frozen, put them in a food processor with a scoop of vanilla protein powder.  Begin to chop and grind until smooth.  Stir and scrape as needed.  

The mixture will take on the texture of ice cream.  Put it in a bowl and eat your full meal complete with protein, carb, and healthy fat!  Not to mention how filling it is!

This is one of my absolute favorite meals!  Give it a try!  you'll be hooked!

Note:  If you do not want to use cream cheese and protein powder, you can just use the bananas alone and get the same affect.

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weight Loss

Oh boy!  I've really started the journey big time.  I have been very absent from this blog because of my weight loss project.  I should really say that I am not losing weight, but changing my lifestyle.  I am also taking a math class that is making me a little crazy and stressed out.  It is a lot of busy work that almost seems impossible to finish each week.  It was supposed to be a fun class... now it is just a pain!

Hoss is still working as hard as ever.  He is the Elder's Quorum President for our ward now, so that is giving him plenty to do.. not to mention the arduous task of remapping home teaching!  He's eating that elephant one bite at a time for sure!

Big T is doing very well in the 2nd grade!  She loves her teacher and is going to be applying to the gifted program.  Her teacher is just getting all of the right paperwork together in order to do so.  She is reading on a 4th grade level.  It would be nice for her to excel even further!

Little H is also loving her new class.  She is in 1st grade and loving it.  She too is excelling at a quick pace.  Her reading level is at least 2nd grade, and she is at expectation in all things or past expectation!  She is very smart too!

Baby K is testing his skills at mobility.  We borrowed a door jumper from a friend, and he loves jumping up and down in it!  He gets a real kick out of it!  He is also scooting around on his belly, rolling around and today he even was scooting backwards on his rear end, propelled by pushing his feet against the ground.  He loves to laugh, and talk to people.  He is eating pretty much everything!  He is hungry very often, and gobbles his food up without any protest!

I am still taking classes.  I mentioned the math class already.  It has been a fully plate of things going on.  I am still Young Women's secretary and loving it!  On top of it all, I started a weight loss blog.  Have a looksie if you'd like.  I am doing it because I feel like I need the support, and others might need the support as well.  The blog has given me the motivation that I need to really change my lifestyle!  Please follow it, and pass it along to others who might benefit from it!

That is all for now!  I hope you are all well!  I will post again as soon as I can!


Today, I ALMOST didn't go work out.  We had the cable guy coming to hook up our internet.  Jason had to go to work, and he would have liked to take a nap (he works at least 12 hours today).  However, he is such a wonderful guy that he allowed me to go.. without the baby while the cable guy did his work.

I am SOOO glad that I went!  I feel great... other than my legs are a little jelloy!  Here is what I did.

I walked half way around the 1/2 mile track (approximate guess on distance).  I stretched out my legs really good then I walked to one corner.  From there I jogged the whole length of the track, AND around the curve!  I am making slow progress as to how long I can actually sustain my jogging!

Next, I walked and caught my breath to one of the soccer fields.  There I did the circuits that I posted in a previous post.  However, I pushed myself even harder this time!  I did 20 squats (the first time I did the workout, I only did 10, and the time after that, I did 15).  I did 20 lunges and 20 push-ups (girl style--got to start somewhere)!  Everything else I did the amount specified.  The only difference was that in between each set, I sprinted 1/2 field and back.  The few other times that I did this workout, I didn't push it on my sprints.  I wound up just jogging back from 1/2 field.  This time, I kept the same steady pace!

When I finished, I stretched good and went home.  My total time was about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Tomorrow, I hope to get out there earlier so I can do more!

So where does your will power come from?  I had this conversation with Jason before I left for my workout this morning.  I tend to run a bit and then think, "Wow, this is hard... I can't do anymore."

The trick I used today?  I talked myself out of that negativity.  NEVER SAY "I CAN'T!"  That is something I tell my girls, and I had better be using that same mentality if I want them to!  I focused on my goal point to stop, and I said, "I CAN!  I CAN!  I CAN!" in my mind... and I DID!  During my sprints, I said, "PUSH PUSH PUSH..." with each step, and I did!

Mind over matter is very important to change a behavior.  If you believe you can do it, you can.  If you say you can do it, then by golly, YOU CAN!

Do it now!  Positive self-talk will get you everywhere!  NEVER NEVER NEVER say anything negative about yourself, because YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE!!

I'm pumped right now. :)  I feel great!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS  You can do it!  The first step is the hardest!

Monday Weigh In: Week 2

I have already told you that this week was not what I really wanted it to be in terms of being diligent at working out and diligent at my diet.  I think I did pretty well with the diet.  I love it, and I think it is the perfect eating plan for me.  I love not having to cut anything out of my diet except all of the unhealthy stuff!

So, I am very interested to see how this weigh in is going to be.  Cross your fingers.  If it isn't what I want, then I just have to regroup and change the things I did wrong. (Saturday-Oct 8, 2011).

Weight: 280!!!!  I lost 4 pounds!  I am so happy!  I was was worried about my lack of will power for the first week. (Monday-Oct 10, 2011)

I decided that I wanted to take my measurements next week in order to see more of a result.

How did you do?

This week, I am starting fresh.  I had an awesome workout this morning, and so far am doing great with the diet.

Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Short Term Goals

When you want to accomplish anything that will take a lot of time, then you need to set small short term goals.  I don't know about you, but when I achieve something that I set out to do, I feel so great!  Then consequence?  Me wanting to do more!

I have set some short term goals that I want to share with you.

I would like to lose 2 pounds a week.  I think that is a very healthy, and realistic amount to lose per week.  I'll take more, and it has been my experience, that I have lost more than that, but the 2 lbs is a minimum for me.

My second short term goal is to do something active each day (except Sunday).  I didn't do as well with this one this last week, but I will change that for this week.

What are your short-term goals?

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Addictions are all too common.  It is time to come to terms with each of them.  I am talking about honestly accepting that I have a problem.  I am currently soda free, and have been for a few days.  No big deal for the most part, right?... other than the headache that I have had for the past 2 days.  A good night sleep should relieve the headache.

Soda, coke, pop, or whatever you grew up calling it is obviously over consumed.  We get a giant cup from any restaurant with options of free refills!  Oh my!  Drink it while you eat, then refill it before you leave!  A coke a day is how I have lived my life for the past year or so, and I am certain that it is a major contributor to my increased weight gain, and my increased dehydration.
As of 3 days ago, Jason and I committed to "X" out all soda.  So far I have had a migraine for 1 1/2 days.  Tonight, my headache is finally subsiding and it is at a dull ache.  I have been detoxing from the caffeine and the excess sugar that is in each beverage.

(This post was written 2 weeks ago-I have stopped craving soda, and I am not having quite as many headaches.  Progress!).

What is one of your vices?  Can you come to terms with it, and leave it behind in order to become healthy?

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teaching Your Body to be Thin!

A few years back, I would get up every morning to go to the gym.  At 5am a talk radio program would play.  One particular morning a man by the name of Gabriel Guardian was talking about his weight loss.  He was extremely over weight and his doctor warned him that he needed to lose weight or possibly die.  He tried everything.  Atkins, low carb diets, and any other he heard about.  Each one, he would lost a little, but just gain it all back.  He even spoke with Dr. Atkins himself, who told him he would never lose the weight.
Gabriel Guardian

So he gave up.  He stopped trying.  However, he put his knowledge as a biology researcher to work.  He began to research the nutrients that the body needs each day.  So he started to slowly integrate those nutrients into what he consumed.  He started to slowly lose weight, and then a few months into his process of increasing his appropriate nutrient intake, the weight just started melting off.  He stated, "The trick is in teaching your body how to be thin."  That is just what he did.
The reason we have cravings is because our body is deficient in specific nutrients.  Once we start giving our body what it NEEDS, we will stop having those cravings that are usually unhealthy anyway!

I have felt strongly that Mr. Guardian has something here.  Just check out how great he looks.  We just need to teach our bodies how to be thin again.

I will be researching myself the nutrients needed, and I will post them as I continue my process.

I'm game.  Are you?

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Friday, October 7, 2011

More On Will Power

Its funny that the post from yesterday is about having will power.  I was just thinking about this earlier after my work out.
I am nervous about the weigh in this Monday, because I haven't been pushing myself when it comes to working out this week.  I had an awesome workout Monday, and an awesome workout this morning, but in between.... well, let's just say that I didn't do as much.  I am shooting for doing another great workout tomorrow morning when the breeze is light and the temperature is in the 60's.  Perfect.

This is how I felt on Wednesday.
One thing I would do in the past is let the fact that I had slacked for part of the week get to me, and I would "start over" next week.  That usually would not happen.  I need to be in charge, and I need to make the choice to get me where I need to be.

Some good news:  Last night, I went to bed at 9pm!  I haven't done that since.... I don't know when!  I got 10 hours of sleep, and I really needed it.  The night before that I got to bed by 11pm.  That was really good for me too!  I think I'm finally getting it.  Good sleep equals a good long and productive day.

Now if I could just get this math homework done....

Happy losing!  Don't give up!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Vanilla Cookie Protein Shake

I mentioned this recipe on my facebook fan page, but I am here to post the actual recipe!

I love protein shakes.  they are a great way to start your day, or a great way to end your workout!  There are so many recipes for different shakes.  Its one meal that should never get boring.

My favorite protein powder is any brand of vanilla.  I buy a big bag of it from my local warehouse store.  I have purchased it at Costco, and here in Roswell, I buy it at Sam's Club.  The bag is only around $20-25 or so, and it lasts for a really long time... hence, I cannot recall how much it costs for sure!

I personally do not like chocolate protein powder.  I also do not know anyone who does (that doesn't mean there aren't good recipes for chocolate protein powder). :)

Here is the recipe!

The powder I use.

8    oz    Skim or 1% milk
1/2 C     quick oats raw
1            banana
1 TBS    peanut butter
1 Scoop vanilla protein powder
however much ice you like.

Blend up all of the ingredients in a blender, and then add in the amount of ice that you like.  I put in a full tray.

I recommend using a heavy duty bar blender.  They don't have any problems chopping up that ice.  I would assume that a smoothy blender would do well also!

Yum yum!  I think I'll be having a Vanilla Cookie Protein Shake for my 4th meal today!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Honest Weight Loss

You Are What You Say You Are:  The reason for my blog.

For the past seven years, I have been living in denial.  I have known about my weight gain, but I never really accepted it.  When I thought of myself, it was just like the skinny active me (from 10 years ago), in fact, I still do.  Then... then..., I would see a picture of myself, and how heart breaking it is.  I have become something I promised myself that I never would become.

I feel shame.
I feel embarrassment.
I feel self loathing.
I feel sad.
I feel undesirable.
I feel helpless.
I feel tired.
I feel determined to trim my figure.

But I also have been missing one thing:


So I decided to become accountable.  I have made myself many promises.  All broken.  But with you, I will keep them.  I will answer to you.

No more denial.  No more putting it off.  Today is now, and it always will be; today, I will begin the change today!

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's All in a Name

I am sure that you have heard the saying, "You are what you eat."  Well, I like to say, "You are what you say you are."

I can't count how many times I have said, "I'm fat."  But what gets me, is that by me stating such a phrase, I am fully accepting that label as what defines me.

Further, when I set that label, I am not giving myself the chance for change.  I am hindering my own potential!... making me my own worst enemy.  A very strong enemy at that.

As children of God, and free agents to choose, we are beings to act, not to be acted upon.  We choose how we respond to adversity (Bednar, 2006).  So once we are armed with that understanding we are unstoppable!

The challenge today is accepting imperfection.  It is labeling ourselves as changeable.  As a child of God.

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Hope I Can Walk Tomorrow!

I don't know about all of you, but I love the feeling of soreness.  Sure it is uncomfortable, but it is a feeling that tells me that I am doing something to burn calories.

To be honest, yesterday, my workout was not that great.  I did some walking with my family, but I never did get my heart rate up.  It was a 'holiday' in town, and there was a parade.  Now that I got that off of my chest, onward and upward.  We all make mistakes and we all have excuses. The best thing to do is not to focus on those mistakes and excuses to the point where it keeps you from continuing on this difficult journey.

So back to my work out.  Today, my husband Jason and I went to a local park that has a paved path around it.  It happens to be a soccer complex.  It was a beautiful morning to be outside with its light breeze, and 65 degrees!

I feel like we really pushed ourselves.  I got home feeling happy (those endorphins rock)!

Here's what we did:

We took a brisk walk around the field to warm up (about 1/2 mile--by guessing), then we stretched really good. 
Then we jogged as far as we could around the track.  We made it about 3/8ths of the way around.  Not bad I felt, considering the weight I am pulling with me.  Then we continued to walk until we were about 1/2 of the way around the track.

At that point, we did sprints on one of the long soccer fields (I say long, because there are short fields for little league).  We sprinted "down and back" twice.  I tell you, it took a few minutes to catch my breath afterward!

After that, we did a body weight circuit.  Here is the list (we only did a portion or half of each of these-except the crunch exercises, which we did the full 20):
The website that we took this circuit from is also listed under my list of exercise examples on the right hand side.

After that, we walked back to our car, drove home, then stretched (link to basic stretches).

How was your workout?  Are you drinking water throughout your workout?  That is important!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS I am running out of time this afternoon, so I will post some recipes in a day or two!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Motivation Pictures

Dig out one of those pictures of when you were fit and healthy, and hang it up somewhere where you will see it.  But don't leave it alone.  Take a picture of yourself right now, and put them together, side by side.  (Or if you would like, just put up a picture of you now).

What can be more motivating than a picture of how you look now, and how you want to look again?

This is hard for me to do, because I dislike seeing pictures of my current weight.  However, I believe it is going to be the most effective way for me to break out of my denial.

To take a few steps further, and to embrace my "Honest Weight Loss" I am going to post both pictures here on the blog.

This was actually kind of hard for me.  For the last few years, I have done my best to avoid getting my picture taken.  I am usually the one behind the camera.  Really, that is sad, one day, my kids will wonder where on earth their mother was when they were young.  So, I am going to change, and I am going to lose weight, so I don't feel emberassed to be in pictures any more.

After the first eight weeks, I will update the my now current picture with one showing my progress!  After each milestone is met, I will update, and hopefully I'll melt down closer and closer to that wonderful picture of me fit and thin!

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

Week 1 Weight and Measurements

Here comes the true honesty.  Even my driver's license is not this honest... yes my driver's license is a liar.

Keep track of your weight and measurements.  I would recommend keeping a weight loss journal where you document what you eat, how often, and what your exercise routines are.  You should keep goals in this notebook, and all other things that you want to accomplish.  If you do not write down your goals, then you will not follow through with them!

My measurements in inches
Neck:  16.5"
Biceps: 16"
Bust:  52.5"
Waist: 54"
Hips:  52"
Thigh: 32"

My Weight: 
284 LBS - I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had already lost 5 pounds, and I hadn't even been following the program.  The one thing that I had cut out was no soda.  

My Height:
6 ft

My next measurement update will be Week 2: Monday the 9th of October, 2011.

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS  Oh my word, I have never disclosed my weight before.  It was difficult to enter it in.  How are you doing with your honest weight loss?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Exercise Plan

I better start off by saying that I am not a professional.  I am not a trainer, and I do not have any papers stating that I am authorized to give anyone fitness advice.  If you feel like you need to check with your doctor before you begin a rigorous work out program, then please do.  I may not be fit now, but I used to be.  I feel like I know how to work out, in a way that it benefits my body.  So take my work out plan as a base, and make yours fit your own personal abilities.

The trick with the exercise portion of the program is to get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes a day.  Now, that does not mean, 5 minutes here, and 5 minutes there.  It means that you go outside, to the gym, or where ever you are going to exercise and you push yourself for AT LEAST 20 minutes.  More is obviously better.

Each week, you get 1 day off from exercising.  You can choose any day that you want.  I choose Sunday, because I believe that Sunday is the sabbath, and working out is not keeping it holy.

This is what my focus each day will be.

Day 1: For me is Monday

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:
Day off

Doing cardio is how you are going to burn the most calories.  It is how you are going to build up your endurance, and in the end become more physically fit.  It is very important part of losing weight.  Not only that, doing cardiovascular workouts will strengthen your heart and increase your lung capacity.  With each time of doing cardio, it will get easier.  Here are two links to websites containing information about cardio workouts.  Cardio 101  Shapefit

Where do you start?  Check out those two websites for ideas.  You can find cardio workout videos online, and how tos, and what not to dos.

If you are going to a gym, then find out what kind of classes that they offer.  Many offer aerobics, dance classes, spinning classes (one of my favorites fyi).

Second element of a workout is strengthening your core.  Once you get your core strong, back pain will go away.  For me, often times, when I walk/run, my back begins to hurt.  That is because my core is not strong enough yet.  My back muscles are over compensating for the support that my core is not giving.  Nearly every day, core exercises are a must.  Random Abs on facebook is where I get different core work outs every day.  I will share the newest ab workout every day on my Honest Weight Loss facebook page.  You can also get those posts on Twitter (two great ways to follow my blog).

My blog will have all of the links to the websites that I utilize the most listed in the side bar.

For arm exercises, and leg exercises, I will post those as I do them or learn of them.  I already have a few in my arsenal.

That is all I can think of for now.  If I left out any details, please let me know.

Workout ideas!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis