Monday, January 31, 2011

Long Awaited

I wish this was the fantastic post to announce a birth, but alas, it is not.  Soon enough my friends, soon enough.  I am relearning patience... as I do jumping jacks and skip down the hall (I did that at church yesterday--the skipping part).

No, this is the long awaited pictures of Big T and Little H that Grandma D has been waiting for!  About time, I know!  Grandma D gave us some money to buy Big T and Little H some Christmas dresses.  Well, we weren't feeling the dress options here in Roswell at the time, so we opted to wait until after Christmas.  Early in the month of January, we took the girls to some various stores and finally found some dresses that we all thought were super cute and fun.  They were even on sale, so Tressa got two dresses... one for her birthday.  I still have to take a picture of that one.

Oh, so with the replacement of our camera, and washed dresses, we did not have anymore excuses as to why we didn't have those pictures up yet!  So here they are! :)

Love ya Dixie!  Thanks for the dresses!  The girls love them, and had so much fun picking them out!

Sorry, I got my finger in the way there at the corners.  Still getting used to the new camera... which I love!

I love how photogenic Big T and Little H are.  They are such good posers too! :)  I can't wait to see what their little brother will be like.  I've dreamt of him being a chubby rolly tot... so I'm sure he'll be just as photogenic (no partiality at all)!

Love you all!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I hardly know what to say at this point.  It has been so long since I have thought with the mindset of "blog."  We finally got internet back.  It was a touch and go process, and a story for another time.  But here we are, back up and running with some pretty fast speeds!  It makes life simpler with high speed internet... it makes dial up seem like ages and ages ago (not to mention so primitive--ha!)!

There is a post that is long over-due.  I sewed one more baby blanket, but due to an unfortunate accident, our camera broke.  Today, we were able to replace that camera with one far superior, for less money!  I am very excited about this camera.  It is the Kodak Slice.  We decided that among the baby paraphernalia a camera was high priority.  We have a cam-corder that we love.  It takes great video, but the picture quality is extremely poor.  We felt like it was important enough to have a good camera before the baby was to be born.  Those are some important pictures.  So with that said... I move on to the reason for my post.

The baby blanket I am showcasing is a unique type.  I had one gifted to me from a friend when I was pregnant with Big T.  It was simply made out of fleece, and it was a wonderful blanket to have.  However, I have taken it to a "whole nuvva level."  It is a car seat blanket!

It is in a clover shape, so that it can easily wrap around the baby to keep him or her warm.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see two holes in the middle... a long one and a short one.  These holes are for the straps and buckle to go through.  Ingenious right?  I wish I could claim sole credit for such a fantastic blanket.

The material was all leftover scraps from the other projects I have worked on over the last few months.  The backing was just a plain piece of flannel.  I love the blanket and can't wait to use it!  Frankly, I have been gifted and have bought a few super awesome blankets that I can't wait to use.  I have been having a hard time deciding which to use first!

Here is how the blanket works.
(I did not put the upper straps through, just because I didn't want to take the time)

Super awesome right?!  And super easy to make!

Lastly, today we were able to purchase a bassinet.  It is very cute, and now I can't wait to use it for this fantastic little babe!

All in all, I guess we are now prepared for baby to come.  I'm still not sure if I am emotionally prepared to go through labor again since I seem to be reliving all of the terrible details from my previous experiences....but, I guess I'll do what I do when the time comes.