Friday, November 19, 2010

Only In Roswell #1

I have been taking pictures at random of things that I find amusing here in Roswell.  It is mostly of cars though.  You wouldn't believe the cars, trucks, and vans that many will deck out by putting on "sweet rims."  So this will be the first of many pictures from my Only In Roswell series.

The Chaser: Notice the large wheels that pop out from the side.
I chased this guy down.  I saw it a ways ahead of me and decided to engage pursuit.  Little H was with me, and she was just excited about nabbing this picture.  We promptly showed it to Hoss, as we had been on the way to pick him up from work.

More to come!

Disclaimer:  If you for any reason disagree with my cynical view of wasting money on cars like this, then please, do not take this to heart.  It is merely my point of view and opinion.

PS  if you have any pictures of something you find "Only in Roswell" I'd love to post it!  So email me!


  1. Looks like that vehicle is ready for some dunes.

  2. It was a hilarious mix. Just the other day I saw a little car with tiny wheels that stuck out. It was very awkward looking. :)


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