Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Lap Tray

I thought I would share the last little project that I made.  It is a Travel Lap Tray.  I wanted Little Cowboy to have someway of having extra fun distractions without dropping stuff and losing stuff constantly in the car.  

It was pretty simple and easy.  The only reason it took most of the day was because of all the breaks that I had to take in order to feed the kids, get them ready for naps, and go to the grocery store.  You know, the important things in life!

Here is the finished product.  I think all three kids will really enjoy it...even though it is made for LC.  

The birthday girl is my model (That will be another post),
since Little Cowboy didn't want anything
to do with the picture taking.

The tutorial to make this is located here.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I love how it turned out.  The little cookie sheet is for magnets and helping to keep little toys, food and odds and ends from falling off of Little Cowboy's lap and such.  It is velcroed to the little pillow.  So, it is not only a lap table, but it is a pillow too! Ha!  We'll see if it gets used as a pillow!  I would make this again.  It was that easy.  The fabric I used were old baby sheets (circle pattern)/king sheets (brown fabric), baby blankets (striped flannel), and some extra fabric from another project (little boy cowboys).