Friday, November 9, 2012

Activity Day: Service Project

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I couldn't handle sitting in front of the computer with the horrible migraine that erupted shortly after sitting down to edit the pictures.  It was a bad one... that's what I get for not wearing my reading glasses while on the computer.

So here it is... written two days ago (Wednesday).


My camera's battery died, so my cell
phone camera had to work.
I walked into my calling with the rest of the year mostly planned out, which is nice.  It gives me an idea for what the girls have done, and what they like.  For yesterday's activity, the plan was for the girls to make Thanksgiving cards to give to the families who will be receiving food baskets from the youth.  Great idea!  Right?  No need to change it in my opinion!

Why not add to it though?  These girls have a tendency to run around, and skip out of the activity before we are officially closed.  I have to say, this is a really hard habit to break!  I have my work cut out for me...but I'll be darned if those girls keep it up!  So, to add more to their plate, a sister from the ward asked me if the activity day girls could make birthday cards for an older widow who does not have anymore family alive.  She is in a nursing home, and I guess, that is one of the things she really, letters... you know, receiving something...anything in the mail.  I can feel for her.  I always walk to the mailbox with a hopeful feeling that just maybe I'll have a card or a letter instead of bills.  Alas, it is usually bills.  Sometimes I day dream that there is a check in the mail for a cagillion dollars....

But I digress.

I have a firm belief that these kids need to grow up learning how to help other people.  They need to learn how to set aside time to think of other people.  I am afraid that this coming generation is not getting enough of that.  I am afraid that they are left too much on their own, and they are missing out on valuable lessons in work, service, and studying.

My goal is to have an underlying point to everything we do.  The girls are working to earn their Faith in God, these activities are mainly to help them get there.

After our opening exercises, I explained what we were doing.  They were all very excited to be doing something crafty.  They got right to work.  But it wasn't just about making cards with no thought... so I began to explain to them about this older woman who was all alone, and missing on the sweet little things in life.

I asked, "Why do you think it is service...making these birthday cards for this woman?"

They all answered so wonderfully.  One thing that I am not surprised by.  This upcoming generation is very intuitive... or at least, they can be.  They understood that this woman needs to feel loved, and to look at those fun little cards that used to come in the mail from family.  It is an opportunity to bring a smile to her face, and help her feel loved.

The same with the Thanksgiving cards.  Each family will not only get an outpouring of blessings, in the form of food, but they will get a card that shows that someone was thinking of them!

Happiness is in the little things...and if I can help my kids, and any other kids I am fortunate to mentor, I hope they learn that too.  I am sure thankful for this calling!  It is so much fun, and I can feel it preparing me for other adventures!

Happy Thanksgiving... a little early!


Evelyn Curtis


  1. Good for you, Evie, thanks for teaching these girls, our future parents!

  2. Thanks ma! You're welcome! ;) I just hope they learn something from me... and me from them.

  3. I had to laugh about the girls losing interest near the end of your meetings. That is so typical for girls at that age. Our activity day girls in Glendale did the same thing.

    You have a cool calling... it would be a fun one to do.

  4. Tell me about it. I think my biggest adjustment has been in the age group. Being a young woman leader for the past 2.5 years had me a little ill-prepared for younger less mature girls. But they are good girls...just trying to test the waters. I figure in the nest few weeks, the boundaries will be established. Most of them are on the lower end..closer to 8. But they are good girls... and I am learning how to keep them involved.... and how to get them to clean up after the activity.

  5. Wow That's Great Evie. Sorry I have not been commenting lately I have been soooo busy with homeschooling and by the way I LOVE your blog Posts! Thanks Evelyn!

  6. I love your books!!!!


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