Monday, November 26, 2012


I can always tell when my girls' hair needs a trim... maybe you've experienced this too.  It is evident when just brushing it after it has been cleaned and conditioned is a painful experience.  Those darn tangles!  Bug has been asking me when she gets to have a haircut.  I was thinking about taking her to a salon, but when I found out how much they charge, I began to reconsider.  I've become cheap... much to Hoss's pleasant surprise, I'm sure.

So, finally, after our last fight with the hair brush, I determined to make the haircut official.  I got out the scissors, clips, sheets, combs, and spray bottle, sat Bug on a tall stool, and began the process.  Now, if you know me, you know that I'm no professional.  No no, I'm a close one eye and hope for the best kind of gal.  Ha ha ha.. just ask Huggles about his last haircut (in my defense, he was so squirmy, that it was hard to get it just right).

So my two dear friends Sariah and Sandi, please don't look too closely at these pictures.  I'm sure you will find much to snicker about.  

I'll tell you though, I did some homework before I began.  I watched the following video tutorial on cutting curly hair.  I found it very informative, and helpful!  I followed the lady's directions as best as a novice can, and I honestly feel like Bug's haircut turned out pretty cute!... and just the length I was looking for!  

So if you need some help doing a haircut with layers... go ahead and watch this tutorial.  It helps.  Trust me!  I am thinking about cutting Bunny's hair again in the next few months... with this new information under my belt!

Oh the things we can learn...if we just try!

Here are Bug's before and after pictures!

Before: She was excited!

She's cute!
Not perfectly even, but I think it is cute!
Bunny had to get in there!  She's beautiful too!


Evelyn Curtis

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  1. Hailee is ADORBS! I just want to eat her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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