Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Reflections: Children

don't mind Huggle's yogurt mouth
I read a blog post yesterday evening that was very memorable for me.  I pinned it in Pinterest... that's how inspired I felt it was.  Its a message I feel needs to be spread.

This particular blog is written by a fellow homeschooling mamma.  I don't know her personally, but I find her posts to be very insightful and inspiring.  She really takes time out of her day to focus on how precious her children are.  This is something I need to do every day as well.

The blog is Finding Joy: beautiful, connected, life

This particular blog post titled, 51 Things You Can Do That Will Bless Your Kids.

I loved the list she laid out, many of these things I do, but more than half of these things I don't do well...or at all.

I decided that I needed to focus on one for now.  Start somewhere making better habits and memories.

The list talks about letting your children try, let them fail, let them succeed on their own...and with your help, love them, and tell them that you love them every day...and so on and so forth.  You should really read it, because maybe you will find something to focus on too.

I chose # 36 "Let them end the hug."

My family didn't hug a ton while I was growing up.  We still don't hug much.  When we see each other, we do a little side hug.  Hoss's family are "huggers"... always hugging.  It was a lot to adjust to when I first married into his family.  It was a good adjustment though.  My family had other ways of showing affection.. like punching each other in the arm, giving a dead leg, a noogie, or playing sports and games together.  (Family::  Do I remember wrong?)

When we moved to the south, I had to learn a new appreciation for hugs.  I hug my kids, and Hoss plenty, but friends and acquaintances?... not likely.  Just ask my good friend Chris...when we parted ways upon my moving to New Mexico, I went and said goodbye to her.  We both stood there looking at each other saying, "Well.... see ya later."  I had thought about giving her a friendly thump on the arm, but I refrained.

The culture here in Southern New Mexico seems to be of the kind to hug upon greeting, and usually upon parting.  "Huggers" were everywhere!  But, I think I have adjusted, because hugs are wonderful, and I'm not quite as taken off guard when someone offers a hug!

So why do I choose to focus on letting my kids end the hug?  Because, I felt inspired that it is what my children need.  I put it in practice immediately.  Last night, after family prayers and before bed, I gave Bug a hug first.  I smile as I write her reaction.  We hug often, but never like this.  I just held onto her, and you know what?  She just hugged me back.  I think we hugged for around five minutes.  And when she finally pulled away, she was beaming, and so was I.  When I hugged Bunny, she saw Bug's hug, so she was prepared.  She too just let me hold her in my arms as we hugged.  When she finally ended the hug, she too was beaming, and I was positively joyful!  Such wonderful things a hug can do!

Today, I have been thinking about how blessed I am to have such sweet, lovely, funny, and wonderful children.  My heart cries out for them, and I only want to help them along in their lives to be the most successful in whatever they choose to do.  I only want to arm them with faith in God, a testimony in Jesus Christ, and a hunger for the scriptures, or the word of God.

Give your children a hug from me....or from you!


Evelyn Curtis


  1. "Friendly thump on the arm." That's my kind of goodbye. Lol.

  2. hahaha.. nothin' like it! :) A "love tap"

  3. This was beautiful. Thank you for the kind words.
    You will be blessed by letting them end the hug. Truly, you will.

  4. I learned to appreciate hugging in Ireland. The women would almost always hug when greeting or departing.

  5. Rachel, you're welcome! Thanks for your posts. They have benefited me on more than one occasion! Here is what I've noticed over the last few days of increased hugging time. They have really needed it! They will let me hug them for so long! I'm amazed! They are happier! They are more confident! And I find that I, myself am also happier, but more... I feel an increased patience toward them... which is important!

    Mom, it definitely takes some getting used to...if you aren't used to it! :)


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