Saturday, November 24, 2012


The bird was so tender and juicy!
I used the Citrus Rubbed Turkey I blogged about.
No bags this year!  Straight roasting and basting!

 I really wanted to post yesterday saying a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I just was so busy trying get dinner ready that I just didn't have time!  Then afterward, that turkey kicked in, and I was falling asleep!

Our dinner turned out delicious!  Beautiful turkey, potatoes, stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce, and brown sugar muffins!  It was quite the spread for our little family of 5!  We definitely have leftovers!... I don't complain about that, because we have meals made for a day or 2 more!  Ha!

Some of our Thanksgiving traditions are getting a newspaper to look through ads (I never get up with the crazies... I like my sleep too much!).  Then we take a family picture somewhere with hopes of using it in a Christmas card that year.  They we usually end the day with watching a movie.  Whether that is in the theater or at home.

Our table is so tiny that we had to put a fold up next to it to double the size.

This year we planned on watching A Christmas Story here at home.  We ate dinner at about 7pm.  So like I mentioned above, after that turkey kicked in, and we were pretty much done cleaning up, we sat down to watch the movie, and Hoss and I were both out.  We ended up turning it off early and heading for bed.  We didn't even have pie we were so stuffed!  It made a pretty decent breakfast though!

My best apple pie yet! 

We certainly had a wonderful day though!

Things I am thankful for:
My God and Jesus Christ
My family (extended and my own)
Christmas music
A house that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter (our last house didn't do well with that)
My calling in church (the service I've been asked to do)
Good friends
No car payment
Crisp cool air (at least it is today)
My dog
Refrigerator to keep things cold and help preserve food
The ease of life we have with technology
Grass (I miss grass)
Mountains (I really Really miss mountains)
Dirt roads
Smell of pine trees in the forest

And so many more.

Here's one family pic!  We'll be sending out Christmas cards this year!
Yesterday morning, after we got ready for the day, I took the kids to Home Depot where we bought our very first-brand-new-fake-pre-lit-Christmas-tree!  We have always had a hand me down...its nice to have a new one.. and we only paid $40!  Not so bad I think... especially for only going to one store!  First try... I'm thankful for that!

What are you thankful for?  How did you celebrate this year?  What is your favorite part of the meal?  Did you head out to catch any sales?


Evelyn Curtis


  1. I love the family picture. Who took it?
    Yes, we did some black Friday shopping. It was tiring but worth the savings!
    I am most grateful for my family and for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. Hoss took this one. We took our tripod and set it up. Who needs a professional! Ha ha! jk


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