Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FHE: Surprise Party!

Last week, I read this blog post.  I loved the idea of throwing my family a surprise party with a meaning or theme behind it.  And for this particular topic, I thought the timing was impecible!  The topic being, "See What God Hath Done." Its a surprise party about recognizing all of the blessings in your life.  Totally timely, since Thanksgiving is only 1 week and 2 days away!  Seriously, see the post for details.  It is an amazing idea for a family night!

Our banner and Gratitude lists

So, after I read the blog post, I told Hoss that I was doing the lesson for Family Home Evening.  He said... "Okay."  Exciting right?  He was thrilled... I'm sure!

I followed all of the steps mentioned.  I printed off the banner, and strung it on some pretty white ribbon.  Its still hanging there... above my head right now!  I cheated though, instead of using up all of my printer ink for this project, I decided to go to Staples and have it printed off!  I love staples!  I hadn't been to one in around 3 years.... there is not an Office Max here, and that was kind of my "go-to."  But Staples is awesome, ssshh, I don't even miss Office Max!  Man... Staples should give me a free computer for this wonderful review!

Back on task...
equal parts white grape
juice and fresca
with frozen fruit

The Bunny and Bug knew nothing about it.. I mean, what is a surprise party without the surprise?  I purchased some ingredients to make this delicious punch!  ----------------------------------------------------->
I also purchased ingredients to make cinnamon rolls.... Easiest rolls I've ever made!  I just peeled the paper, broke the roll, and place them in my pan!

I made our most favorite meal... beans and rice de la Republica Dominicana (Dominican Republic).  {You can see my recipe here.}  I chose this meal, not just because it is one of our favorites, but because it is one meal that I am very grateful for.  Beans and rice are a fairly humble meal.  Its one that got us through some times where money was very scarce.  I'm so glad that I had all of the ingredients well stocked in our food storage.  What a blessing!

Once Hoss got home from work, I told him to quickly get cleaned up and dressed up for our party.  We all dressed up... for us, dressing up is pretty simple.

I even set the table in a pretty formal matter!  I never use a table cloth and napkins.  But yesterday, I even used hand stamped napkins, and set the table with all of the utensils.  Be impressed!

We sat down and ate our meal, all the while, Bunny and Bug asking why we were celebrating Thanksgiving now.  :)  I promise our Thanksgiving meals are fancier than beans and rice...at least, I try to have them be!

After dinner, we migrated to the couch and we proceeded with our FHE meeting, (which I followed the suggested party plan as listed in the blog post.  It was great!  And I think the family really enjoyed it!  It is a fairly easy idea, and it wasn't too hard for me to put it together.

We enjoyed our cinnamon rolls, and since Hoss got home kind of late, it was way past bedtime.  All the kids were shuffled off to bed to get their beauty sleep!

I hope you consider throwing a surprise party of your own, since Thanksgiving in just around the bend!


Evelyn Curtis

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