Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vivid Dreams

I've heard it a lot.  Pregnant women have very strange dreams.  Well, I am no exception to this rule in any way.  In fact, I have strange and vivid dreams when I am not pregnant, so you can imagine how my dreams are this pregnancy.

I'll give you a snippet of the weirdness I experienced last night.  My family was part of a race of humans that were more apelike.  We had black fur all over our bodies and long muscly arms... other than that, we looked like humans.  Well, except for the flattened nose and animal like eyes.

This is the closest picture I could find
To resemble what we looked like 
in my dream
In my dream we didn't always look like that.  It was something that we caught, kind of like a contagious disease or something.  But when someone did catch it, they were shunned from society.  It was black and white segregation all over again....only, it was the ape people to be segregated. 

Well, I have always had a bit of a rebellious spirit, so when I caught the ape syndrome, I was livid that people were suddenly shunning me.  So I changed things.  Hoss and I took our kids out into public.  We went to the store, where people skirted around us.  I even remember two separate drinking fountains.  One for the apes and the other for regular humans.  I made it a point to drink out of the regular 'human' drinking fountain.  That is pretty much all I remember!  Yes, very very strange.  That is not the end!  I think my dream stems from the fact that Big T came home sick last week with strep throat.  I have contracted a sinus cold of sorts, and Hoss is ailing from a dry cough.  Little H, so far, is fine.  But we are all catching some kind of contagious viruses!  Ha!

Here is a little about my most favorite dream ever.  I had it a few days ago.  I dreamed about Baby.  It was very real and vivid.  I was holding him, and cuddling him.  I saw what his face looks like...very sweet, and he seems to be a mixture of both sides.  Hoss, the girls and I were visiting our family in Idaho in my dream, so everyone important to us was there...from both sides of the family.  I have learned not to question these dreams about my "to be" children.  They are usually pretty accurate with how they will look, and their behaviors.  Baby will be a very sweet baby.

There are the musings of my sleeping mind! :) LOL... I'm sure there will be more tomorrow!

Keep checking!

Monday, September 13, 2010

It All Makes Sense Now!

Isn't it odd to be pregnant and not have very many specific cravings?  I think so.  I have never had this kind of issue with previous pregnancies.  I craved the same foods throughout the whole pregnancy of both of my girls.  With Big T, it was omlettes, and Chinese food.... the egg rolls from Ming's Cafe in Pocatello, Idaho to be specific (oh how I miss that place).  With Little H, I craved more of that wonderful Chinese food found at Ming's.  I also craved Coca-Cola (not so healthy, I know--it could account for why Little H loves soda so much).  But my point here, is that I always craved something!

This pregnancy has left me confused.  I rarely crave anything in particular.  The only thing helping me choose what to eat is the fact that I just imagine it being the most filling and sustinent meal ever!  That usually consists of meat and potatoes, or a great big sandwich with all kinds of veggies on it.  Don't even mention caffeinated soda.... After a few sips of my once coveted Coca-Cola, I can literally taste the caffeine, and it makes me sick... thinking about it makes me feel slightly sick.... so to change the subject..... water tastes so much better and has become my very favorite drink...make it iced, and I am in heaven.

I had an ultrasound today.  It was THE ultrasound.  I may have mentioned already that I dreamt that Baby was a boy.  Well, guess what, it is a boy!  We are so very excited about this new development.  Yet it holds a lot of worry on my part (I have no idea how to raise a boy--a topic for another time).  After I got home from my other errands, I began thinking about the correlation between my cravings or lack thereof, and this baby being a boy.  It hit me.

If I think about the appetite of Hoss, my wonderful best friend and husband, it goes like this.  He rarely mentions a major craving.  He just wants food.  He is not picky, if it is food and relatively good, he'll eat it (which I love).  This answers my question as to why I do not have any distinct cravings.  Now, as to the food I am drawn to (meat and potatoes), I answer that riddle with this.  I have 4 brothers, each of them (unless I am mistaken) love meat and potatoes, Hoss, loves meat and potatoes.  It is the kind of food that sticks to your ribs.  When I eat rice, I am literally starving within an hour later!  It just doesn't hold as long as the potatoes.

So, this baby boy might not be finicky, but he sure has made it hard in choosing what to eat!  I am so used to going off of my cravings!  I am open for meal suggestions, since I cannot seem to come up with my own!  So far, any suggestions I have received have sounded very tasty...maybe another boy trait! Ha!

I had to take pictures of my ultrasound pictures due to a malfunctioning scanner.

A first ever 3D Ultrasound picture.  Kind of cool.  Baby was moving a little too much to get a clear shot though.

I am not flaunting, but here is his manhood.  The proof in the pudding if you will, his "stuff" as the ultrasound tech lady put it. :)

PS  I am starting a baby boy name poll.  I have a few names rolling around in my head, but none are concrete.  I want suggested names!  What have you got!


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Friday, September 10, 2010


It is always nice to have such wonderful reassurances.

Click on the link.  I thought the video would show up, but the link works great too.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First Week

Terra invited Jason over plenty of times over the next week.  She did it partly because I had asked her if she would.  I had to figure out how to act around this guy.  I had never dated a returned missionary before.  Not that they are any rare breed of man.  I'll just say that the 'boys' in which I had previously spent my time with were not even on the same level of game as a returned missionary for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Due to my lack of experience, I played the shy role (which is very common for me, when I don't know how much of my true personality to show).  I hold back quite a bit when I first meet someone.  I never know who might take a sarcastic remark the wrong way.  Hopefully I am not the only one who experiences this type of issue.

One day, Jason came over to study, while I made him my famous lasagna.  I really had not made the recipe very many times, so I was not completely prepared.  Three hours later, Jason was finally able to indulge in the goodness.  I love lasagna, and apparently, so did he!

Jason took his turn at cooking for me during that first week.  We made a trip to Albertson's for a few necessities.  Chicken, alfredo sauce, and garlic bread.  Jason cooked up a mean chicken alfredo.  I took a picture of him cooking.  He was wearing my very nice flowery apron that Grandma Burgoyne made me a long time ago.

Toward the end of the week, Jason's visits began to be less and less.  I was worried that he was ready to move on.  Truth be told, I did not exert myself to show my interest in him.  Did I mention that this was the first time I had even come close to dating an RM (Return Missionary)?

Terra was such a good sport.  She was willing to call Jason for me (with me listening on the other end), and ask him if he was indeed interested in me.  Jason was confused because he didn't think that I was at all interested.  I pushed Terra to ensure him that I was interested.  He just needed to ask me out on a date.

After that conversation, I could only let go of the situation and see what would happen.

I was anxious, and I would ask if anyone had called me every time I walked into our apartment.  Two endless days passed by without any word from Jason.

Finally, Jason called, and asked me out.  We made plans to go to dinner and a movie on the following Friday, which was only a day or so away.

I was so excited that Jason finally asked me out!  I had no idea what was in store, but I was thrilled.

A Vacation After Vacation?

Hoss found out at the beginning of August that he actually had some vacation days that he had to use up.  One week to be exact.  This came as a surprise to us, since we were not expecting him to receive vacation time until after his year anniversary with starting work at UPS...and even then, since after November commences, that is considered peak season aka the busiest time of the year for shipments, Hoss would be unable to use that vacation time until after the New Year.

Needless to say, we immediately began planning what to do with that time away.  Our conclusion, was an extended weekend in Lubbock, TX with our little family.  This was the girl's and my first time in Texas.

We took Big T and Little H out of school early on Thursday.  Hoss got done with his morning part-time job at BSA just in time for lunch, and we hit the road!

DAY 1--Thursday:

The first evening we arrived, we drove into some ominous storm clouds.  However, it did not rain until we arrived and had all of our stuff packed into our hotel room.... thank goodness, because it rained!  When we left the hotel room to go have dinner our car was right next to the door.  We got nearly soaked as we ran (literally 2 seconds) to the car!  It doesn't rain like that in Idaho!

We found the restaurant without too much trouble.  It was delicious!  If you go to Lubbock and want to eat some Korean food, go here!  I personally had a migraine headache developing, so we headed back to the hotel for bed.

DAY 2--Friday:

Friday we spent shopping.  All four of us were in need of clothes.  School clothes for the girls, maternity clothes for me, and shirts and church pants for Hoss.  It was an exhausting day.  We ate at Chick-Fill-A...which was very tasty.  I wish we had one in Roswell.

DAY 3--Saturday:

This day was dedicated to Hoss and I attending the LDS Lubbock, Temple, which we did! 
After the temple, we made our way to a little amusement park called Joy Land.  They girls had a blast!  We were there from about 4pm-10pm (close time).  They had the classic little kid rides, a roller-coaster and a few adrenaline rides.  I was the picture taker, since it is not recommended for pregnant women to ride.

Hoss took both girls on many of the "big kid" rides.  Little H couldn't get enough of them!  Big T, really liked one fast ride, and one roller coaster, so she was ready to try some more!  Hoss took them both on The Rocket, which is basically a rocket shaped ride that swings back and forth like on a pendulum.  Little H was all smiles, and Big T was...... freaked out--gripping Hoss's arm like a cat avoiding falling from a tree into a pond!

The next ride was an octopus type ride.  Big T was nervous, but she went anyway.  After that ride, she was done with the big rides.  She nearly threw up!  But how was Little H?  All smiles, ready to go again and again!  She rode almost every ride.  Our dinner consisted of Burger King burgers!

DAY 4--Sunday:

Aaaaaaah, the day of rest.  We went to Church.  We went back to the hotel.  We had a nap.  And we hung out in the room...which was a suite for only $79 a night (or so).  We got a smokin' deal!  We ate sandwiches, apples, and carrots for lunch and dinner.  It was nice that we could keep the sabbath day holy even on vacation!

DAY 5--Monday:

We packed up, checked out of the hotel, and did a little bit more shopping.  We grabbed lunch once again at Chick-Fill-A, since we had free meal coupons from our last visit!  $7.50 for all four of us to eat!  Yaaay!  We then gassed up (which was the first time for the whole trip) and headed back to Roswell.

Later that night, we decided to stop at Subway in Roswell, to eat dinner.  We ordered, and as we were sitting down, Big T said, "Maybe we should say a blessing on the food."  We all agreed.  We sat down, prayed and began to eat.

There was an elderly couple sitting at a table nearby.  As they got up and left, she leaned over and said, "Even before I saw you pray, I could see the Lord in you."

I have never received such a compliment.  I am grateful for little girls who help keep us in line and reminding us to pray (we don't always remember that when we eat out).

I love the timer feature on our camera!

Hoss has some awesome picture taking skills.  This one is my favorite.

Keep Checking!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quiet Time To the Fullest

So, I am not at my house at this time.  I have decided that I need to make some changes in my schedule.  Let's face it.... (meaning, let me face it).  I'm not getting the things done that I want to get done!  Half of my life revolves around the computer.  I have online courses that I need to be up to date with every day, plus my career happens on my computer.  Writing.

How easy it is to sit down, open my email, open facebook, open my blogger dashboard to read all of the wonderful blogs I like to keep up with, and not get the homework and writing done (my actual blogging is counted in this pool of things to get done).  I need to get it done early on in the day that way I have time to work with my children on their homework, then there are all of the chores that never seem to go away.  I seriously have so much clean laundry to fold it is over-whelming.  At least it is clean though right?

Back to my plan.  I help Big T's teacher a few days of the week first thing in the morning.  This is new.  He does not have a helper teacher, and most of the parents do not have time or interest to help.  So, I told Mr. Torres that I was pretty much free.  The things that I usually have to do at home can be planned around volunteering.

So each day that I go in to help Mr. Torres, I plan to head immediately to the local bookstore, Hastings.  What will I do there?  I will write.  Do homework.  Write.

Guess what?!  I am here now!  I came in, and was craving a hot chocolate, so I ordered one from the coffee shop inside Hastings, found a table out of the way and here I sit.  I have already read a good chunk of homework, and look, I'm writing!

I have decided that I need to get out of the house more often.  So much to do all of the time, leaves me feeling over-whelmed.  Focusing on just my studies and writing is kind of good therapy for me.  So here in an hour or so, I will go home, have a light lunch and get folding those clothes!  Gotta love the never-ending chores. 

Side note... that movie, The Never Ending Story, that should really have been called, The Never Ending Chores with a story about a house wife/mother/student that can't seem to ever keep up with the duties required!  Hmmmmm, maybe that is an idea.  To write a satire about the duties of a woman.

My final reason for taking myself on a date each day is because, I have a little less than 6 months to enjoy quiet time.  To go to the store without a child, and to just sit at a table or couch in a bookstore without worrying that my children are going to disrupt anyone else shopping or studying.

I hope you can find some quiet relax time today!  What do you do to get away from the stress?
Keep Checking!!!

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