Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First Week

Terra invited Jason over plenty of times over the next week.  She did it partly because I had asked her if she would.  I had to figure out how to act around this guy.  I had never dated a returned missionary before.  Not that they are any rare breed of man.  I'll just say that the 'boys' in which I had previously spent my time with were not even on the same level of game as a returned missionary for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Due to my lack of experience, I played the shy role (which is very common for me, when I don't know how much of my true personality to show).  I hold back quite a bit when I first meet someone.  I never know who might take a sarcastic remark the wrong way.  Hopefully I am not the only one who experiences this type of issue.

One day, Jason came over to study, while I made him my famous lasagna.  I really had not made the recipe very many times, so I was not completely prepared.  Three hours later, Jason was finally able to indulge in the goodness.  I love lasagna, and apparently, so did he!

Jason took his turn at cooking for me during that first week.  We made a trip to Albertson's for a few necessities.  Chicken, alfredo sauce, and garlic bread.  Jason cooked up a mean chicken alfredo.  I took a picture of him cooking.  He was wearing my very nice flowery apron that Grandma Burgoyne made me a long time ago.

Toward the end of the week, Jason's visits began to be less and less.  I was worried that he was ready to move on.  Truth be told, I did not exert myself to show my interest in him.  Did I mention that this was the first time I had even come close to dating an RM (Return Missionary)?

Terra was such a good sport.  She was willing to call Jason for me (with me listening on the other end), and ask him if he was indeed interested in me.  Jason was confused because he didn't think that I was at all interested.  I pushed Terra to ensure him that I was interested.  He just needed to ask me out on a date.

After that conversation, I could only let go of the situation and see what would happen.

I was anxious, and I would ask if anyone had called me every time I walked into our apartment.  Two endless days passed by without any word from Jason.

Finally, Jason called, and asked me out.  We made plans to go to dinner and a movie on the following Friday, which was only a day or so away.

I was so excited that Jason finally asked me out!  I had no idea what was in store, but I was thrilled.

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  1. You had me going there for a minute, thinking that this was fiction. Very vivid writing.


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