Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vivid Dreams

I've heard it a lot.  Pregnant women have very strange dreams.  Well, I am no exception to this rule in any way.  In fact, I have strange and vivid dreams when I am not pregnant, so you can imagine how my dreams are this pregnancy.

I'll give you a snippet of the weirdness I experienced last night.  My family was part of a race of humans that were more apelike.  We had black fur all over our bodies and long muscly arms... other than that, we looked like humans.  Well, except for the flattened nose and animal like eyes.

This is the closest picture I could find
To resemble what we looked like 
in my dream
In my dream we didn't always look like that.  It was something that we caught, kind of like a contagious disease or something.  But when someone did catch it, they were shunned from society.  It was black and white segregation all over again....only, it was the ape people to be segregated. 

Well, I have always had a bit of a rebellious spirit, so when I caught the ape syndrome, I was livid that people were suddenly shunning me.  So I changed things.  Hoss and I took our kids out into public.  We went to the store, where people skirted around us.  I even remember two separate drinking fountains.  One for the apes and the other for regular humans.  I made it a point to drink out of the regular 'human' drinking fountain.  That is pretty much all I remember!  Yes, very very strange.  That is not the end!  I think my dream stems from the fact that Big T came home sick last week with strep throat.  I have contracted a sinus cold of sorts, and Hoss is ailing from a dry cough.  Little H, so far, is fine.  But we are all catching some kind of contagious viruses!  Ha!

Here is a little about my most favorite dream ever.  I had it a few days ago.  I dreamed about Baby.  It was very real and vivid.  I was holding him, and cuddling him.  I saw what his face looks like...very sweet, and he seems to be a mixture of both sides.  Hoss, the girls and I were visiting our family in Idaho in my dream, so everyone important to us was there...from both sides of the family.  I have learned not to question these dreams about my "to be" children.  They are usually pretty accurate with how they will look, and their behaviors.  Baby will be a very sweet baby.

There are the musings of my sleeping mind! :) LOL... I'm sure there will be more tomorrow!

Keep checking!

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  1. our dreams are reality not good post evie


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