Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daddy's Are the Best!

Yesterday, Hoss went with the missionaries to visit a few men who are interested in investigating the Church.  The plan was that we would head out to the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, which we did!  Everyone was excited.  It is always fun to look at all of the animals and find out what kind of food is offered there.  I do have to say that it was no Eastern Idaho State Fair.... no tiger ears, and no HORSES!  The pigs, goats, cows, and rabbits seemed to be the highlight of the animals section.  I don't think I have seen that many pigs in one barn as I have yesterday!  The ammonia smell was overpowering.  But there were some huge pigs!

Another favorite thing to check out at the fair (for me...I'm not sure how Hoss feels about it), is the art entries.  I have to say, that there are not very many people who enter!  A friend suggested that I enter some of my paintings... now I wish I did!  I may have placed, AND I may have won some money!  Hind sight right?  Also, they have a little section for scrapbooking entries.  Next year... next year.

Well, I got ahead of myself there for a second.  I failed to mention how much I HATE parking fees and entrance fees to get into the fair.  I think that is THE most ridiculous thing ever!  We paid $6 per adult, and both girls were $2 to get in.  We also paid $2 parking (which wasn't bad at all--free would have been better).

As we entered and began looking around, we found out that to buy an unlimited ride pass you needed $30 per person.  Remember a few posts back when I mentioned a little place called Joyland in Lubbuck, TX?  Well, that only cost $17 per adult and $11 or so per child for unlimited rides... not to mention they have tons more rides, and better ones!  I was blown away.  So there went our idea to ride some rides.  I have come to the conclusion that fairs are money pits.  Maybe in a few years when we are rolling in "dough" my tune will be slightly different.

We decided to go home and fix dinner, instead of eating at the fair.  Preserving funds you know...  We had Dominican beans and rice with chicken.  I have to say it was better than pretty much anything you would get at the fair!  Good idea on our part!

So while I was preparing dinner, Hoss decided to play with Big T and Little H.  I thought it was super cute and entertaining.  I love my wonderful husband!  So willing to get down and play girl games with our girls!  I love you Hoss!

I'm sorry the lighting is not the best.  Our front room is kind of dim, plus it is getting dark outside.  One of these days, I will take pictures of our little house, since most of our family have not seen our house... then I will post them.  I just have to get it all cleaned up and mopped...catching up from being sick etc etc.  It is a work in progress!

Keep Checking!!!

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  1. Was Jason playing with Barbies? Did I see Barbies?!? Very cute. What a good dad you are, J!

  2. Thanks, Evie for an update on your family activities! The video was entertaining to say the least! I loved watching it and trying to figure out who was who! Ha! I couldn't tell at first if Jason was one of the girlies or not! =] Fun times! We can't wait to come down and hang out with you all in the near future! I miss hearing the girls voices and their cute laughing sounds! That was good! Thanks, again!

  3. Yes, those are barbies! Jason had a lot of fun. The clip would have been longer, but my camera ran out of memory!

  4. What a treasured experience for those girls! They are so lucky to have such a great dad!


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