Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who DOESN'T Like Cheese?

An opportunity recently fell into Hoss's lap.  Yes, it really did pretty much just fall right out of the sky.  It was not something we were at all expecting.  Back in April, Hoss quit his job as store manager at PVT (a Sprint dealership).  Since his supervisor job at UPS was just part-time, Hoss needed to find another part-time job to fill his mornings, and to bring in enough money for us to live on.  At this time, we were very content to work with UPS and see where the opportunities led us.

A few months later, we found out that baby #3 was going to be gracing our home in February.  We were ecstatic, especially since we had accepted the fact that we might not have any more children (after 4 years of trying).

Doctor appointments commenced with deductibles and the realization that we had to buy all new baby furniture and equipment (we got rid of it all upon moving).  I had a meeting with the doctor's office financial staff.  They informed us that we would have to pay for a major chunk of the delivery out of pocket.  Money soon became a worry and issue.

Back in April or May, we had been discussing our need for another part-time job with some friends (husband and wife) from church.  The husband began thinking about this need, and he realized that the company that he worked for in town was hiring.  Then the contact was born.  We were not very interested at the time, since we had put our lot with UPS.  But who would say no to someone who was trying to help out?

A few months later, Hoss was encouraged to get his resume in so that this company could start the interview process.  The company's name is Leprino Foods.  After receiving his resume, Hoss was called in for a tour of the plant.  The people that met him just loved him... I mean, what's not to love!?  The human resource manager told Hoss that, at the point in time, he saw no reason why they would not hire him.  That was encouraging, especially since the position, Financial Analyst, would have put our income in a bracket that we have not even come close to.....ever.  It would be a major career starter.

We were told that Leprino was slow to hire people.  Our friend (the husband) waited four months before he got the official offer of employment.  So we sat back, and soon we lost any interest in the company.  We thought that they had moved on, so, we did too.

Out of the blue, Hoss got a phone call from the human resources supervisor (not the same as the HR manager).  They were interested in interviewing him for a different job.  It was a job a bit further down the chain of command, and with that, it had a drastically different pay grade.  However, the pay was still a good amount more than what Hoss is pulling in right now.  It took a lot of pondering, thought, and especially prayer.  We considered all options.  But when it came down to it, with Baby on the way, we needed a change in pay now.  So after being offered the job, Hoss accepted.  He is set to start his new job at Leprino Foods on October 25th 2010.

Hoss's new job title is Shipping and Receiving Clerk.  He will be one of the guys who oversees orders from customers, and he will also see that those orders get shipped on time.  This will get him a great base knowledge for how the manufacturing process works.  We have been told by the CFO (our friend-the husband), that there are a few good positions that they can see Hoss excelling in.  They already have plans for Hoss, as long as he performs!  But come on!  Who are we talking about here!?  I love you Hoss!

 We do not regret our move from Idaho to New Mexico at all.  We knew it was the right decision.  We are a little bit nervous with leaving UPS, because it was the job that got us here.  However, we know that the Lord has been preparing the way for us to make our way through life.  This opportunity pretty much found us, and we are very grateful.

 If there is one thing that I can testify to, it is that when we pay our tithing 100%, the Lord blesses.  We would not be where we are now, if we did not pay our tithes like we are asked to do.

A little bit about Leprino.  Leprino is a cheese manufacturing plant.  They are among the biggest suppliers for Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and a few other pizza restaurants.  They specialize in mozzarella cheese, and other dairy products.  They even have secret recipes that very few are aloud to see! 


Keep Checking!

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  1. Welcome to NM! It's pretty spectacular, isn't it?

  2. Cheese is good!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to find another LDS writer in the Southwest. I'm in AZ now, but I'm from Amarillo, TX. It was fun to see the pics of your family at the Lubbock Temple.


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