Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I seem to stack up projects like no tomorrow.  All things that I want to get done, at the same time.  I actually tend to get anxiety over it.  I want to have a spotlessly cleaned house, scrapbook, card make, write, and so much more.  For the writing, I want to write on my novel, and blog.  Not to mention the cleaning that I have to do and other obligations that come across my path like visiting teaching, grocery shopping (which I loath), and other various errands.

Since I am not a super woman, guess what tends to get neglected?  I'll let you imagine what you want to!  After being sick for 2 1/2 weeks straight, then working hard to get caught up in my class (which I completed 3 days early), I began a few of the projects that I have had lined up for a few months.  Two baby blankets, two baby changing pads, and 8 burp rags were on the list. 

It took me most of the weekend to complete the majority of these.  It was fun, especially since my sister was making some burp clothes for some of her friends as well.  Here are some pictures of these fun activities.  The bad thing is that when I start a project like these, I have a hard time focusing on other things.... so the sooner I get it done the sooner I can move on!  Ha!

Some pictures:

My sewing workspace.  The computer is so that I can chat with my sister.  That is how we do our projects "together."

Another angle, showing my lovely desk.  This is where I write, blog, homework, craft etc etc.

The adorable burp cloths.  These were fun to make.  I have never had fancy burp clothes for my daughters, so I decided to make some for Baby.  The link for the pattern is here.

Nicely folded and stacked up.

I LOVE how this blanket turned out!  I have made one before in the same style, but it did not turn out as awesome.  I love the little monkeys and the soft plush fleece back.  This blanket measures approximately 36"x 30"  Big T and Little T always want to cuddle with it.

Close up corner shot.

Full blanket spread out.  It is the perfect size for a little baby!

One more.  I am really just trying to give you a feel for the thing. lol

The changing pads.  These were fun to make too.  It is a little clutch changing pad that is held shut with a bit of velcro.  I got the pattern here.

Okay, so I don't have any diapers or a little wipes box, so I had to improvise!  I Love The Count of Monte Cristo. :)

Little H really felt the need to take a picture.  It was supposed to be a picture of the design I drew for another blanket (blanket #2).  Oh well... 

About blanket #2, it is a nursing blanket.  I flattened out the fabric to cut it to the right size, when I noticed a little hole right in the middle!  It was going to be a simple blanket, just sewing two pieces of fabric together, turning it inside out, then finishing it up with a neck strap... well, with that hole... :(  I was not happy.  So, I changed the design a little bit and made it more complicated.  It is now going to be a little block blanket without batting.  It is plenty warm here, and I think the flannel will be sufficient for nursing.  So all of the blocks are cut and near half of the rows are sewn together.  I just need a few more days on it, then I will post it up!

It is all so much fun.  I like to sew, but I am not all that awesome at it.  I try, but I also don't have patients to iron everything and make sure all of the fabric is cut perfectly and evenly.  I just want to be done with it.

After my sewing projects are over, I won't know what to do with myself.  I have homework to do, naturally, and housework too.  I guess I will just have to hurry and get this blanket done so that I can move on to those other things! Ha!

Keep Checking!

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  1. Your terry cloth burp rag looks cozy. I want to cuddle with it. I think the blanket is really cute. You did an awesome job on it and on everything. It has been a pleasure crafting with you! :)


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