Friday, October 29, 2010

Blanket #2

I am pleased to announce that I finished my final sewing project for the time being.  I mentioned briefly in the previous post that I had planned to make it a simple blanket, sewing two pieces of fabric together to make the blanket.  That plan fell through when I found a hole in the middle of the front piece of flannel.  So, I improvised and made the blanket a block style quilt blanket (no batting).  I think it turned out better than I imagined!

It is a nursing blanket.  I had never heard of or even imagined these when I had Big T and Little H.  I would just hide them under the blanket when I nursed, and sometimes it would drop down, making nursing in front of people kind of awkward and difficult.  When my sister-in-law had her baby boy about one year ago, I saw her nursing blanket with a strap that held the blanket up.  Ingenious right?  So, I decided to make my own, and here it is!

 The blue stripes are flannel, and the white is just a thin cotton fabric.
I wanted it to be warm, yet not too thick, as I will take it around with me.

A close up at the blocks.  This was fun to make, and I was pleased that it lined up so well.

It measures approximately, 40"x 36"  I am guessing. :)
As you can see, the front and back are the exact same, just reversed,
so a striped block is backed with a white one.

I think everyone in my family is glad that I finally got it finished!  I only have one more blanket planned.  That won't be happening for a few more months though... maybe after my final class for the year in December.  It is a car seat blanket.  They are THE best things ever!  Stay tuned for that.  I love them!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Halloween!  We will be putting together costumes for Big T and Little H tonight.  Nothing extraordinary, but it should be fun!

Keep Checking!!


  1. Looks cozy...nice job!

    It could also double as a bib. You can eat dinner while you nurse and it will catch any food you might spill, so you don't get your little man dirty. :)


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