Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Project Complete!

 I wouldn't consider myself a very experienced seamstress.  I have been sewing blankets for the past seven years, and I took sewing 4-H in 8th grade or so.  However, recently, my desire to sew has increased.

With the arrival of Baby K, I was so excited about the projects that I planned and completed (Here are a few of the projects--1 and 2). 

After having Baby K, I have struggled to find the perfect bag to take to church.  I have to take my binder, pens, scriptures, diapers, wipes, and now bottles and formula.  I was getting very tired of everything falling to the bottom of my bag, making it impossible to find anything when I needed it.

So one Sunday, during Sacrament Meeting (Shh, don't tell), I drew up this sketch.  The perfect bag, with pockets galore!  A few weeks later, I drew up a pattern in the right size.

 I found this fantastic fabric, and decided to use it for the bag.  I love it!
I needed something to give the bag some thickness, but I still wanted it easy to sew....
So, thank you Costco!  I cut up a giant Costco bag and cut it to fit the pattern.
I sewed the Costco bag on to the backside of the outer fabric when I sewed on the pockets.  The lining is a drop in lining that I sewed just barely smaller than the outer.

In the photo below, I am finishing off the project with a seem around the rim.
I did three seems to really secure it.

Here is the finished product.  The side with the two small pockets.  I designed the outer 
pockets to resemble an envelop with the v-front.
Also, I have two short handles, because I like to be able to grab my bag,
but I do not like to grab it with the long strap.  I also like to sling the strap over my shoulder,
So I made both!  I love how it turned out! It is very functional!

The large pocket on the opposite side.  Again, the v-front.

On the inside, there is a pocket on one side that is large enough to hold a Manila folder, 
or notebook.  I use that for the Young Women roll.  There are plenty of pockets for pens, pencils, toys, and other necessities.  There is even a pocket on each side for a bottle and some "to-go" packets of formula.
This bag holds everything that I need!  I love it!

It turned out so much better than I anticipated.  It really gave me a boost of excitement.  I wonder what else I can sew!  I do have a few skirts to sew...fabric, pattern and all, already purchased.  I just need to get it done!  Maybe I will, now that I believe it might turn out decent!


  1. I'm impressed, way to go! That's an adorable bag and I'm impressed that you made the pattern yourself!

  2. Very cute, Evelyn! Nice work! I am impressed, too, that you are so inventive.

  3. Thank you! It was a fun project to do.. it was also very trying on the patients at times. I can't count how many times I took it apart because something wasn't lining up just right.

    It is serving me very well at church! One thing I would change is to give the shoulder strap a little bit more length.


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