Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where the Magic Happens

I have not posted anything for a little while.  I have just been plumb out of ideas, and NOTHING exciting or even remotely interesting has happened to us in the last week or so.  Just because we live in Roswell, does not mean that we see something exciting and interesting every day.  Unless you count the truck driver that I reported because he drove straight in a left turn only lane, cutting off the car that was really in the straight lane.... then he swerved all over the road.  Okay, not too exciting, I know... so moving on.

I, with the help of my sister, remembered that I do have a few things to blog about.  I actually have a stack of things to post, projects and things that I have been doing.  No worries, one at a time. 

For tonight, I had promised some pictures of our house when we first moved in.  Well, after 9 months, I have in my possession pictures of one room.  I don't want to give you everything at once!  I have got to leave you wanting to come back for more right?  Another thought that I had was: I don't want any of our family to forget about us, because they can't imagine us anywhere (never having seen our house--except a few).

So now, with my little explanation plus my title, you are probably wondering what I could possibly be referring too.  You Curtis' Some of you have probably taken it south already! lol  Sorry to disappoint!  Here are pictures of my kitchen!

We are just getting ready to eat.  When we moved in, we bought a little bar style table to fit our small kitchen.

 Further back: Hoss dishes up his dinner, buffet style from our stainless steel island... I love that thing!

The sink/counter/stove.  Tiny, I know... that is why we bought the island.  I cannot complain about the cupboard space though.  There is a lot of storage room.  And the cupboards are retro metal.

 Looking from the kitchen into the front room and front door.  You see our Culli, and our fridge... oh, and our buckets as a culli stand!  We also use a bucket for a night stand and an end table next to our keyboard.

The dinner spread for tonight.  Roast and mashed potatoes with corn.  Yum, an Idaho classic! 

 Little H wanted me to take a picture of her plate.  She's a little beauty, even when she eats!

Big T followed suit with a picture request, but she posed for me... another beautiful girl!

And finally, Titus knows right where he belongs during dinner time.  He doesn't usually even have to be told to go into his kennel.  Once I start preparing dinner, he just goes right in on his own. :)  But he is always right there to clean up any fallen crumbs after dinner.

Well, there you have it!  Our kitchen!  More to come later!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Keep checking!!


  1. Sweet pictures! Thanks for posting them, and the comments!

  2. Hey pregnant lady, you all look cute....I like where you put your dinner table. And poor Titus in his "cell." :)

  3. What cute girls you have! I haven't seen them in years and years, if ever!


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