Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quiet Time To the Fullest

So, I am not at my house at this time.  I have decided that I need to make some changes in my schedule.  Let's face it.... (meaning, let me face it).  I'm not getting the things done that I want to get done!  Half of my life revolves around the computer.  I have online courses that I need to be up to date with every day, plus my career happens on my computer.  Writing.

How easy it is to sit down, open my email, open facebook, open my blogger dashboard to read all of the wonderful blogs I like to keep up with, and not get the homework and writing done (my actual blogging is counted in this pool of things to get done).  I need to get it done early on in the day that way I have time to work with my children on their homework, then there are all of the chores that never seem to go away.  I seriously have so much clean laundry to fold it is over-whelming.  At least it is clean though right?

Back to my plan.  I help Big T's teacher a few days of the week first thing in the morning.  This is new.  He does not have a helper teacher, and most of the parents do not have time or interest to help.  So, I told Mr. Torres that I was pretty much free.  The things that I usually have to do at home can be planned around volunteering.

So each day that I go in to help Mr. Torres, I plan to head immediately to the local bookstore, Hastings.  What will I do there?  I will write.  Do homework.  Write.

Guess what?!  I am here now!  I came in, and was craving a hot chocolate, so I ordered one from the coffee shop inside Hastings, found a table out of the way and here I sit.  I have already read a good chunk of homework, and look, I'm writing!

I have decided that I need to get out of the house more often.  So much to do all of the time, leaves me feeling over-whelmed.  Focusing on just my studies and writing is kind of good therapy for me.  So here in an hour or so, I will go home, have a light lunch and get folding those clothes!  Gotta love the never-ending chores. 

Side note... that movie, The Never Ending Story, that should really have been called, The Never Ending Chores with a story about a house wife/mother/student that can't seem to ever keep up with the duties required!  Hmmmmm, maybe that is an idea.  To write a satire about the duties of a woman.

My final reason for taking myself on a date each day is because, I have a little less than 6 months to enjoy quiet time.  To go to the store without a child, and to just sit at a table or couch in a bookstore without worrying that my children are going to disrupt anyone else shopping or studying.

I hope you can find some quiet relax time today!  What do you do to get away from the stress?
Keep Checking!!!

Feel free to read the 13th episode of SORA'S JOURNEY.  I will be posting Episode #14 this Friday.  My new posting schedule for that blog is each Friday.


  1. I go shopping to get away from the stress. A craft store is my favorite place to go. I love craft stores. I would love to live at Clear Creek Ranch. I loved staying there.

  2. Maybe when I come and visit, we can make sure there is a babysitter/s and we can go to this craft store! I love to go too! In fact, I am going to the Hobby Lobby (only craft store in town), to look at fabric on Monday!


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