Monday, September 13, 2010

It All Makes Sense Now!

Isn't it odd to be pregnant and not have very many specific cravings?  I think so.  I have never had this kind of issue with previous pregnancies.  I craved the same foods throughout the whole pregnancy of both of my girls.  With Big T, it was omlettes, and Chinese food.... the egg rolls from Ming's Cafe in Pocatello, Idaho to be specific (oh how I miss that place).  With Little H, I craved more of that wonderful Chinese food found at Ming's.  I also craved Coca-Cola (not so healthy, I know--it could account for why Little H loves soda so much).  But my point here, is that I always craved something!

This pregnancy has left me confused.  I rarely crave anything in particular.  The only thing helping me choose what to eat is the fact that I just imagine it being the most filling and sustinent meal ever!  That usually consists of meat and potatoes, or a great big sandwich with all kinds of veggies on it.  Don't even mention caffeinated soda.... After a few sips of my once coveted Coca-Cola, I can literally taste the caffeine, and it makes me sick... thinking about it makes me feel slightly sick.... so to change the subject..... water tastes so much better and has become my very favorite drink...make it iced, and I am in heaven.

I had an ultrasound today.  It was THE ultrasound.  I may have mentioned already that I dreamt that Baby was a boy.  Well, guess what, it is a boy!  We are so very excited about this new development.  Yet it holds a lot of worry on my part (I have no idea how to raise a boy--a topic for another time).  After I got home from my other errands, I began thinking about the correlation between my cravings or lack thereof, and this baby being a boy.  It hit me.

If I think about the appetite of Hoss, my wonderful best friend and husband, it goes like this.  He rarely mentions a major craving.  He just wants food.  He is not picky, if it is food and relatively good, he'll eat it (which I love).  This answers my question as to why I do not have any distinct cravings.  Now, as to the food I am drawn to (meat and potatoes), I answer that riddle with this.  I have 4 brothers, each of them (unless I am mistaken) love meat and potatoes, Hoss, loves meat and potatoes.  It is the kind of food that sticks to your ribs.  When I eat rice, I am literally starving within an hour later!  It just doesn't hold as long as the potatoes.

So, this baby boy might not be finicky, but he sure has made it hard in choosing what to eat!  I am so used to going off of my cravings!  I am open for meal suggestions, since I cannot seem to come up with my own!  So far, any suggestions I have received have sounded very tasty...maybe another boy trait! Ha!

I had to take pictures of my ultrasound pictures due to a malfunctioning scanner.

A first ever 3D Ultrasound picture.  Kind of cool.  Baby was moving a little too much to get a clear shot though.

I am not flaunting, but here is his manhood.  The proof in the pudding if you will, his "stuff" as the ultrasound tech lady put it. :)

PS  I am starting a baby boy name poll.  I have a few names rolling around in my head, but none are concrete.  I want suggested names!  What have you got!


Keep Checking!!!

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  1. Yep that's a baby alright.

    My suggestion is...drumroll please (J?)....

    William Robert just so that I can call him Billy Bob.

  2. LOL Billy Bob is very tempting! :) Keep the suggestions coming!

  3. congratulations on your new prince! :)

  4. Hahaha. That's cute. I think you're lucky that you don't actually have any unhealthy cravings. It makes eating healthier that much easier. And congratulations on having a boy!

    Fickle Cattle

  5. Thank you for the congrats!
    You are so right, It is pretty lucky that I don't have very many unhealthy cravings. I definitely don't need any added weight gain. :)

  6. I only know the names that i will name my next two children which are going to be boys! they are Mason and Lincoln. Sorry you cant have them though, you have to come up with your own! :0) Good luck! Jylisha

  7. You know, we were actually REALLY liking the following names: Carter, Ethan, Joshua, Truman, Luke, Maxwell, Jacob, and Jona.... lol

    No, I think we have a first name picked out. Its the second we need to figure out! :)


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