Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carlsbad Caverns!

Alright, this post is months overdue.  At the end of June, my mom and dad came to visit from Idaho.  They recently returned from an 18 month mission in Ireland for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka-the Mormon Church).  While they were serving the Lord in Ireland, my family uprooted from Idaho and moved to New Mexico.  I was able to visit in February right after they returned to the states.

Since they hadn't seen any of their six kids in nearly two years, Mom and Dad, planned to visit each one of them this summer, which they did!  I have a brother in California, a sister in Arizona, a brother in Boise, Idaho, and two brothers closer to my home town in Idaho.  It was quite the traveling feat, not to mention visiting all of both of my parents' siblings and their own parents.  What a busy summer for them!

We were very pleased when they made to New Mexico.  It was a new adventure for all of us!  We took some time out to travel South East to Carlsbad.  In Carlsbad is one of the worlds largest caves known.  It was a very fun time... the caves were nice and cool and very extraordinary!  In the evening time, just before the sun goes down, there is a bat show, where thousands (maybe even millions) of bats flock out of the caves at one time!  We had to get back home due to responsibilities the very next day, but we plan on going back so we can see the spectacle!

Now for the pictures!

My little family posing for the camera inside the caves!

One of the many rock formations.  You cannot touch any of the rocks, or else the oils from your hands will stunt the growth.

A very deep water hole.  I have a feeling they are deeper than they look.

Peak a boo dad and Little H!

Very cool.  I wonder how many thousands of years it will take for this one to reach the ceiling!

Some of these reminded me of melting wax. :)

Little H walking with Grandma K up the slope.

Grandpa T, Grandma K, Big T, and Little H.  It was nearly pitch black when I took this picture, so I could not align the picture appropriately!  In fact, many of the pictures of the formations were just guesses.  Some turned out, some didn't.

This formation reminded me of a huge sea lion.  My camera did not capture it the way it should have.  It was my favorite formation that was near the end of the tour.

The view from the far side of the parking lot to the caves.  Isn't it gorgeous!?

Looking a different way... this one is my favorite view from the parking lot.  Just beautiful.

Keep checking!!!

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All are welcome to read, comment and share this story!  It has been fun to write!


  1. Good times.

    Maybe you and I are seeing different things in those landscape photos. ;)

  2. What? You referring to the pipe in the bottom photo? You just scroll down just enough so it is not showing! :)

  3. Hi Evelyn! Those are great photos of the cave, reminds of of Callao Cave, located up north of the Philippines. :)

  4. I wish more of my photos turned out. It was way too dark for many of them, but it was so much fun! There are tons of other tours with the Carlsbad Caverns, and I hope to go to some of the other tours before I have my baby.


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