Saturday, August 28, 2010

A New Interest

Big T has been so interested in drawing as of late.  Most particularly with the markers that I bought for her and Little H to share.  Big T has papered our walls with drawings of so many different pictures.  Some pictures consist of her and Hoss (daddy), some are with her and I.  And there are many pictures featuring Titus, our dog.

Here is part of the alphabet that Big T made and cut out.  She started out drawing the letters right in the center of an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper, then cutting out the letter and discarding 75% of the page!  Silly girl.  Hoss put a stop to that one, very quickly!

Here is the last set of the alphabet.  I'm sorry, I must have missed taking pictures of the beginning of the alphabet.

Big T showing us her goof ball face.  She is such a character nowadays!

Here is the letter that she made for me... it was very interesting.  :)  This is the envelope.

Here is the inside.  I sure hate to receive bad "noos."  Especially bad "noos" of this caliber.   On a positive note, Big T's writing is getting pretty good!  She has been working on her penmanship.

I like this letter better than the first.  I'd never like to receive news like the last one.  On the inside of this card, it said, "I <3 you!"  (I heart you).  This one is hanging above my desk on my cork board.

Keep Checking!!!


  1. Very nice art work and penmanship, Tressa!

  2. lol. sounds like a note I would write Tressa...the bad noos one.

    Keep working hard in school!

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