Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Birthday for a Princess!

Little H turned 5 on Friday the 13th of August!  On her birthday, I thought back to the day she was born.  I wondered if, when her birthday landed on Friday the 13th, if she would have a bad day.  I have to say that she did not.  This dispelled any lingering thoughts of superstition that I may have had.  No bad luck for Little H or anyone in our household!  In fact, to Little H's good fortune, we celebrated her birthday for 3 days!  Since Hoss (daddy) has to work every week night until well after bedtime, we decided that we would celebrate the next day (Saturday).

So here is how it worked out:  

Friday:  Little H got to open a present that her cousin from Utah sent to her.  She was so excited, since it had arrived in our mail box the day before.  She was not happy to wait.... but she survived!  The present contained an enormous pair of glasses, fun little crazy bracelets, and some jelly bellies!  To top it off, there was a card written from her cousin.

Little H was super excited to take her enormous glasses to school.  She started Kindergarten earlier that week, and Friday was her very first full day of school.  She got to take a birthday treat for her class mates and do a show and tell (which was her enormous glasses).  She had a blast that day at school!

Saturday:  Hoss (daddy) went to do a service project with the young men in the ward.  There is an older lady whose room had been leaking.  They got a hold of the shingles, tools, and plenty of water and headed over to her house at 6:30 that morning.  It was a very long, hot project.  Each of the men and young men took turns slaving away on top of the room.  Hoss got home close to 2 or 3pm.  We were so happy that he could serve the woman in need... yet we were very ready for him to be home so we could start our party!

I didn't have time to bake Little H's birthday cake yet, but hoped to do so later that night (it didn't happen).  After Hoss got showered, we took the birthday presents and headed out to Dairy Queen where we ate "linner" and opened presents!  Little H was so excited to get some fun beads and a Jessie and Bullseye doll from Toy Story.  It has been the hit of the toys ever since (we might have to encourage Santa to bring more of the Toy Story toys this December).

Following dinner, we decided to take the girls (Big T and Little H) to the movies.  We watched Cats and Dogs.  To my surprise, it was a cute movie.  I may have been partial to the German shepherd that looked exactly to my belated dog Boomer.

After the movie, we went into the mall in search of some pretty dresses and church shoes for the girls.  Both of them got two dresses and one pair of shoes.  All of them were well over due.  

Needless to say, it was a very long day, and by the time we got home, I did not have the birthday cake baked.  And since Baby takes all of my extra energy (I am now 15 weeks pregnant), I decided to go to bed.  Church would be all too soon.

Sunday:  We went to church, just like every other Sunday.  It is always such a wonderful way to recharge our spiritual batteries and relax.  After church, we went home and just hung out.  I baked the birthday cake, and we decided to watch a very cute family movie called "Follow Me, Boys!"  It is an older movie about boy scouts (Hoss works in the morning time at the boy scout office here--the lent us the movie).  It turns out that this movie is very long!  I ended up frosting the cake around 9pm.  The movie got over shortly after that, and we moved into the kitchen to light the candles and take pictures of Little H blowing them out.  I might add that Little H had fallen asleep on Hoss's lap during the movie.  She was tired, but was still excited to blow out those candles.  The funny thing is, we just went to bed after that.  We ended up having cake the next day.  

This is the recap of our very poorly planned birthday weekend to celebrate Little H turning five!  We had fun, but missed all of our Idaho, Arizona, and Cali family!  

And now pictures!

 Little H's birthday hair do.  It is called chutes and ladders.  It is only half the do, but it turned out cute!

 Little H: The birthday girl!

Big sister, Big T, wishing she could open some presents too!

Present #1...................drum roll please!

 Cool creative beads!  They have been a hit!... found them at Target FYI

 Present #2!  The suspense was killing both Little H, and Big T!!

 The girls BOTH love Toy Story.  So they were thrilled to see this super cool toy, Jessie and Bulls Eye!  Needless to say, we have had to monitor the turn taking with this particular toy.  Usually one girl is Jessie, while the other is Bulls Eye.  And Little H sleeps with both nearly every night!

 Finally!!! BIRTHDAY CAKE!  I'm so glad we finally got to that point of the 3 day party!

 Like a tornado that blew out the candles!  Great work Little H!  We love you!  We are so glad that we got to celebrate five years of your life!

Still to come pictures of our visit to the Carlsbad Caverns!  Hope your weeks is fantastic!

Keep checking!


  1. Side to side!


    Glad Hailee and you all had a fantastic birthday weekend! Celebrating a birthday over a few days is gaining in popularity I hear.

  2. Well, it is good to know that I am being trendy with the birthday celebration! I actually feel really..... bad (I was trying to think of the right word), that I did not have her cake ready for the official party. It was fun though, to celebrate for a few days.

  3. Toy Story 3 was the best one yet! I'm glad she had a great birthday!


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