Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feature Wednesday: Baby K

Baby K has been growing like a weed! I can't believe it... alright, maybe I can, since both of his big sisters did the same thing.

He is such a sweet little guy, and he has blessed our little family greatly. Upon his arrival, we were turned upside down, but his spirit has brought so much joy into our home.

Baby K is very shy. I knew this even before he was born. I may have mentioned this before, but when K would move around in my belly, I would try and get Hoss or the girls to feel his movements. As soon as I mentioned that he was moving, or as soon as someone touched my belly, he would stop! I think Hoss felt his movements only a handful of times. So, from the beginning, I knew he would be shy.

Now that he is out of the womb and experiencing the world, he is doing it quietly. He coos softly and laughs occasionally. Who knows, maybe I'm not as funny as I thought! :) There have been only a few instances when we could catch his laugh on video... and before he was laughing, it was difficult to even catch his smile on camera!

Baby K is very perceptive. He takes in everything around him. Even now, as I type, he is watching his sisters intently as they play. I can see the intelligence growing in his eyes each day.

K loves to kick and play in his bouncy seat, on the floor, or being held. He is extremely strong, especially in his back. Most of the time he arches his back in order to see everything.

K's Milestones:
*He has been smiling since very early on.. so I don't have the exact date.
*He first laughed on April 2, 2011... at least that is the first laugh we heard.
*He first found his hands on April 30, 2011. It was funny, because he saw his hand and immediately went cross-eyed to really focus on it.
*The next Saturday, May 7, 2011, he saw his foot for the first time...he was mesmerized.
*He has been sleeping through the night for about one month now! Yaay us!
*He is currently working on rolling over... he seems to be close!

Now, while Baby K is shy, he also has an obvious temper, and has since he was first born. (I think he gets it from his daddy! he he he, jk :). If he is hungry, tired, bored, or uncomfortable, he just wails until his problem is solved for him! Especially in the car. That is one place that Big T and Little H would calm down. Not Baby K, if he is already unhappy, he will wail until we stop and take care of him. Oh the life of a baby!

Needless to say, we love him so very much! We love all three of our children very much! They definitely keep us rockin' and keep us entertained!

I took all of these pictures today - May 18, 2011

Here are a couple of videos of him.

As you can see in the video, K's laugh is very quiet, and it only lasts for a short while...but it is worth every second!

I was too slow to catch Baby K laughing, but it is still cute!

this is some micro fleece

it happens to be K's favorite thing to snuggle

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  1. Very cute! What a little sweety. And he IS getting fat. I would like to give him some hugs and kisses!

  2. Evie, thank you so much for "posting" these cute videos of Kenson! He does seem very shy and quiet, which is GOOD for you and the family! He is growing like a weed and it would be so much fun to see him (and the girls...and you two) again! I, like Kathy, would love to hold him and smooch on him for a while! Thanks for being such a wonderful Wife and Mother! It shows! =]

  3. Mom, Yes, he is getting fat! All the better to kiss on!

    Dixie, you are welcome! I love posting updates, very much! Thank you so much for you compliments. They really do mean a lot to me!


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