Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bonus Post: Mother's Day!

The other day, all five of us were driving in the van.  I do not remember where we were going, or what time it was.  I only remember the fact that Baby K was so upset; he was screaming his head off.  He was fed, and he was changed... he was just sleepy, and he wasn't going to give up easily.  He was in the seat directly behind mine (the passenger seat, since Hoss was driving).  I was twisted around so that I could give Baby K his pacifier.  While trying to sooth him, I began to sing to him.  I sang about five or more songs, and he began to quiet shortly after I began.
Cuties that I am blessed to call my kids

Once all was quiet, I glanced to the very back of the van to see Big T and Little H watching me intently.  I'm going to be honest with you, at first, I was a little startled.  I smiled at them and winked before turning around in my seat.

Big T and Little H were so quiet and careful to listen, because they love to hear me sing.  I don't want to sound like I claim to be an awesome singer, because I do not claim such a thing.  I can carry a tune, that's about it.  :)  The girls ask quite often if I will sing them a song at bedtime (mostly Little H), but I don't do it very often.  But since having Baby K, I have been singing a whole lot more, because he loves to hear it.  Much of the time, when he is upset, it is the only thing that will calm him down.  He will even try to sing with me by cooing and making cute sounds while I sing... so needless to say, I have been singing a lot more since he was born than I have in a long time, so its no wonder why T and H stopped to listen.

I pondered the incident in the van, and I thought back to my own childhood.  I loved to watch my mother sing.  I loved to hear her voice.  It was just one of those things that made me happy, and helped me feel safe, warm and loved.

My wonderful, talented, and beautiful mother Kathy!
I have a memory of sitting on the kitchen counter when I was quite young... maybe a little younger than Little H.  My mom was singing a song that she wrote.  I was trying to sing along with her.  The only part that I can think of right now is the part that says, "Someone's spilling milk on the floor."  *Mom, you did write that song correct??*

My mother is a wonderful woman.  She is the reason for all of my good qualities.  She taught me how to work, to have a love for music, and a love for our Savior Jesus Christ.  She taught me what it means to serve and love our fellow men.  She taught me through example to have faith in the Lord, and to put all trust in Him.  I have a wonderful mother, who I have patterned my own mothering after.

So, Happy Mother's Day, mom!  I also want to extend the wishes to my Grandmothers Charlotte and Mary Lou, my sister Kendra, my sisters-in-law, and last but not least, my mother-in law, Dixie.  After all, she did raise my most wonderful husband!

T & H's personalities: Princess & Goof
Well, I had better get going, the dinner won't cook itself, the baby won't feed himself (yet), and the girls are calling for my attention!  Who was it that said, "A mother's work is never done?"... I wish they were wrong!

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Nice work. Mom is the best mom I've ever had!

  2. well if I didn't have my mom, I would want to be YOUR mom's son! Wait that would make me your brother. OK. This is just weird now. ok bye.


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