Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Super Busy!

Hello all,

I just wanted to give you a quick update.  I have been stretched pretty thin as of late.  I just finished a class that took some serious time from my hands.  We had a group project that I was elected leader on account that no one else would do it.  I ended up doing someone else's work for the project... so, I had been doing double duty.  Not to mention the other things that I am trying to get done.  Since school has been out, it seems like things have even sped up.  Now I am finding projects for the girls to take part in during the day, while Baby K continues to grow.  He is coming up on four months!

I will get caught back up into my blogging schedule soon (hopefully starting Monday).  I started a History class, and the reading content is quite heavy, so I might miss a post here and there.

I hope you all are doing great!  I'll be back on Monday!


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