Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dead Battery

Tonight, I decided to take the girls to Sonic for dinner.  Why not?  I was feeling pretty good today, I had the van, and I have been cooped up in my house for the last four days (its been good for me--but sometimes enough is enough).

We arrive at Sonic at about seven pm.  We discuss what each of us wants to eat.  I order.  Pay.  Then we are given our food, and eat.  Well I had turned the key back, so that we could listen to music.... aaaaand, I forgot to turn off our head lights.... aaaaand our GPS unit was plugged into the outlet that takes battery life all of the time (we have been using our GPS as our speedometer since the one in the van stopped working).  This is all getting very exciting, isn't it?

Needless to say, after we finished eating, I went to start the car, and guess what happened?  "click click click"  Nothing.  *insert sigh here*

I called Hoss to tell him our situation and asked for any ideas.  The day was coming to an end, and I really didn't want to have to call anyone to come and save my hind end.  My initial thought was to say a prayer.  I didn't voice my idea, but I got out of the van to check on Baby K.  He was beginning to fuss.  Yes, things were stacking against me.

Big T said, "Maybe we should say a prayer."

I smiled, and said, "Yes, we should."

I then got back into the driver's seat and asked Big T if she would say it.  She said, "Dear Heavenly Father.  Please help our car to work.  And please help us get home safely.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."


Shortly afterward, A huge diesel truck pulled up a few parking spots away.  Hoss suggested I ask someone with one of these ginormous trucks to help me out.  The man was more than willing to help; however, his jumper cables were not in his truck.


So I walk back around to my van and proceed to the driver's side, thinking of whom to call, when I see the car right next to me, and the people sitting in it.  It is Brother and Sister W, from Church!  I'm sure I had a stupid look on my face, but I proceeded to ask if they had jumper cables, and they did!

I mentioned to Sister W that Big T had said a prayer that our car would get fixed, and not ten minutes later, they showed up.  Sister W mentioned that they were out and Brother W suggested that they get a yummy beverage from Sonic, so they did!

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But I would rather refer to it as a prayer answered.

Two good things came out of this situation:
1.  A fantastic teaching moment on the power of prayer.
2.  When I first tried to start my car with the dead battery, the speedometer needle flipped around to where it is supposed to be, and now it is working again!

Fancy that!

Happy Tuesday night everyone!  I hope you get an answer to your prayers!


  1. Nice story! Thanks for sharing! I love those moments when it takes one of the children to "voice" what we are thinking and hesitate to follow-through with! Yay, Tressa! We get answers to our prayers everyday...sometimes we just don't take time to realize it!

    Leaving in the morning for New Mexico! ~Fancy that!

  2. Love that story! Thanks for sharing!
    Congrats On BABY K!


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