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#1: An Introduction

**I had started this story on a different blog url.  However, after nearly a year of starting the story, I decided that the story needed its own blog.  So, I am moving all of the episodes here to this new blog.**

I have come up with an idea that just keeps on picking at me.  I need to start it now, otherwise, like my other novel, it will be over two years in the making.

REMEMBER:  This is a rough draft.
A work of fiction

 An Introduction

The Kiswone nation is one that is unknown to humans.  The inhabitants are a very ancient being, who can control the forces of mother nature.  Humans call this kind of power magic because they do not understand where the power comes from.  The Kiswan avoid all war and conflict, even among themselves.  They live quiet lives in the peace of their own land.  Their young are taught to fear the edge of The Kiswone Nation, perhaps with tales of dangerous humans.

The Kiswan are not quite humans, although they look very similar.  They were created millennia ago from the vegetation combining its matter with the dust of the earth.  Since their creation, they pair up together much like humans but reproduce at a much slower pace, since their life expectancy is twice that of a human.  Their features are fine.  Most have brown hair with matching eyes.  Each individual has a unique hue in their hair and eyes.  Their skin has a coppery tone.  It would make a human look twice to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him.  All Kiswan are tall and slender.  They move with ease, and can run through a forest without being heard.
The Kiswan brought the dinosaurs from the earth as well.  They used the creatures like humans use cows, chickens, horses, and all of the animals found on the earth now.  Each dinosaur had its use.  However, it was not in their nature to last like their creators.  They eventually perished through the centuries leading to the appearance of humans.

They did not need much land because it was not in their nature to fight and start opposing nations.  However many ventured into the uninhabited land across the world.  The main quest was to bring back rare species of plants that they would mate with the vegetation indigenous to the Nation.  Many would take whole herds of dinosaurs with them in order to survive the elements.  Even though some of these quests kept away certain individuals for many years, each one would find his way back to Kiswone, to his family.

Once the first two humans, one male and the other female, appeared in a garden many miles away from the border of the Kiswone Nation, the current king decided to put up a barrier in order to keep these alien creatures out.  It was an unfortunate fact that many of the Kiswan who were off on adventures and quests were not able to return.  Those were forced to find new dwellings across the world, and find a way to survive.  Some of these Kiswan even pared up with the offspring of the first two humans.  Generation after generation, the blocked out Kiswan forgot where they came from, and evolved into a more human like being.

It is said that the Kiswan people protect their domain by pulling energy from the earth's core at the borders of their land.  These boundaries give the illumination of water.  Humans would call it a mirage.  It is said that this mirage is so powerful, that the human will be influenced to believe that he is at the edge of land, at the ocean.  It would almost be like he is in a cyber space.  He could be basking in the sun, or swimming in the ocean, but none of it is real.

Their mysteries have been mere legend.  They exist in tales that most humans tell their children to scare them into obedience.  It is human nature to fear the things that are not understood.  As children, humans are taught that three-quarters of the earth is made up of water, and the last quarter, land.  There is speculation that the water percentage is much less, and that humans cannot see the land that is hidden.  The few that know of the Kiswan people believe the water to be one-quarter of the earth, and the remainder land.  These findings would change the world.

The power hungry nations on earth would immediately wish to claim this land as their own.  The Kiswan Kings have watched from a distance as, through time, the Native Americans were driven to small sections of land in America.  These ancient beings made a pact that none would ever leave the land of Kiswone, thus protecting their people forever.

Through the centuries, the Kiswan developed intelligence, just like the humans.  Both creatures developed right next to one-another.  Cities were built, and many kinds of technologies to sustain a way of life.  However, there was a very big difference with the two sets of beings.  The Kiswan made things from the earth.  I suppose you could say that since humans were willing to experiment with unnatural substances, they progressed a lot faster in what the humans call the twenty-first century.  Little did either race know, that their worlds would collide together.

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