Thursday, March 31, 2011

10: Take Me to Your Leader

I am here to say, that I have finished the most horrendous course that I have taken in a very long time!  I think I will pass with a B, which I am very excited about.  My next class is World Literature, which I am extremely excited about!  So, let's celebrate with me finishing this post (I have had it 1/2 way done for nearly a month now)!  

I changed my mind about rewriting the last episode.  That just seemed like way too much work, and it was giving me writer's block.  I guess this little paragraph is to acknowledge that the facts of the Carlsbad Caverns were not accurate, and that maybe one day, I will fix it to be more accurate.  I learned what they are really like when I made a visit there just about one month ago.  Anyway.... without further adue!

The ride in the car was not a quiet one.  Jess was the type of human that would not let anyone get a word in.  She talked and talked and talked.  Sora was not completely sure, but she thought that maybe she had dozed off now and then.  Jess, the human, jabbered on about aliens and how they were obviously real.  She was a firm believer in them, and she suspected Sora as being one of them.  Sora supposed that she was an alien of sorts, since she was not familiar with the human realm, and none of the humans had ever seen a Kiswan before.

Sora assured Jess that she was not an alien, and when she tried to explain where she came from, Jess would seem to interrupt and continue on to another topic of conversation.  Sora had never seen the likes of such a talkative creature.  She was growing slightly impatient, because she was already missing her kingdom, and--Witold.

Sora had been successful in not thinking about Witold up until that moment, when she was in an alien world, with no one that truly knew her.  She could picture his beautiful green hued eyes.  They were piercing and bold.  She began to relax a little bit upon thinking of him.  She even had a hint of a smile forming on her face.

Sora's thoughts were not her own for very long.  Jess interrupted with a string of questions, that Sora didn't even have time to answer before she was fired another.

"So where are you from?  Jess asked without taking her eyes off of the road.

"Well, it is kind of hard to explain."  Finally!  Sora needed to get on with this quest.  "I am from a place called the Kiswone Nation."

"Huh."  Jess didn't even seem to be listening.  "So, where is your family?  Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sora did her best to answer each question before another was fired.  "My family is back at my home nation.  What is a boy...?"

Jess sped around a huge, black, round, and shredded looking thing in the middle of the black path.

"What was that on the black path?!"  Sora asked.  Her heart was thumping.

Jess looked over at Sora.  Her eyebrows were scrunched together.  "The black path?"  Jess said it like a question.  "That, my dear, is a road.  We drive our cars on it.  And the thing in the middle of the road was a tire."

"A tire?"

"Yes!  They are the wheels that help our cars go!"  Jess seemed amused at this game of, you don't know the obvious.

Jess laughed out loud.  "I guess I am going to have to teach you a whole lot of things in order for you to even seem normal!"

The drive in the car took a very long time, but Sora was sure that if she had tried to walk that distance, it was sure to have taken her six or seven days.  She was very relieved when Jess drove her car into a little path that led to a house.  Jess let Sora inside the house and instructed her to get comfortable.  She was going to be sleeping on the couch.

Jess walked out of the cozy room and Sora immediately laid down on the couch.  It was not as comfortable as her bed at home, but it was comparable.  She was asleep within minutes of laying her head back and closing her eyes.  Jess came strolling back into the living room, probably wanting to talk some more, but she was greeted with Sora's light breathing, and no conscious person to talk to.  So instead of sitting down, Jess went back to her bedroom, and went to bed.


Sora awoke to a loud buzzing sound coming from a door down a narrow hallway.  She had to relieve herself, and wondered where a bathroom might be.  Sora walked back into the room that she slept in.  There was a big black shiny thing hanging on the wall, and there was a shelf next to it filled with little boxes and very life-like pictures all of the the little boxes.  Sora picked one up and saw that it opened.  Inside was a shiny circle.  Sora thought it was all very peculiar.

Jess opened the door from which the loud buzzing had just shut off.  She walked over to Sora and asked if she wanted to watch a movie.  Sora put the little box back on the shelf and walked over to Jess.

"Do you have a bathroom?"  Sora was getting anxious.

"Oh, yeah, sorry Sora

"Alright," Sorry replied.  She entered the bathroom and shut the door.

It took her a few minutes to learn how to get the water to come out of the little waterfall on the wall.  But she did.  Sora cleaned up, and put her second pair of fresh clothes.  As she walked out of the bathroom with wet hair, Jess looked up from the couch that she was sitting on.

"Are you ready to eat?"  Jess was scrutinizing Sora very closely.  "Maybe we should take you shopping.  You look like you could use some new clothes."

Sora said, "No thank you.  I do not need new clothes.  What I do need is to speak with your leader."

Jess giggled.  "Oh, so you want me to take you to my leader?"  Again, more giggles.

"Uh, yes.  Please."  Sora thought that Jess was very strange.  "I have some things that I need to discuss with the leaders of your realm."

"I KNEW IT!"  Jess hopped up off of the couch.  "Come on, let's eat.  Then I will take you to city hall.  Maybe you can get in a meeting with the mayor."

Sora sat down at the table.  Jess had set out two bowls and two spoons.  Jess filled her bowl with little bits of dried food.  Sora followed suit.  Then Jess poured milk over the top.  She inserted her spoon, and began eating the contents together.

Jess looked up at Sora with a raised eyebrow.  But before she could say anything, Sora poured the milk and began to eat the very delicious... cereal.

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