Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Big Sisters

Big T and Little H have been looking forward to meeting their new baby brother for a long time.  We'd talk about holding him, changing diapers, and giving him baths.  The girls would get out my boppy pillow and practice holding babies with their baby dolls.  Here are pictures of them meeting their baby brother for the first time!
Big T posing.

Little H waiting for her turn holding Baby K

We got them a little gift.  An animal family with a baby. :)

 Their practice paid off!  They are both great baby holders!

After we got home, we soon found out that Baby K loves getting tickles, aka chillies, just like Big T and Little H.  Here's the video!


  1. I want to hold him, too. He's so little.

  2. How fun is this? He came to the right family for sure! YAY!

  3. ok another comment from me... Love this video, Everyone just eating him up:) We do the same thing.


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