Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby K's Debut

Baby K has finally graced us with his presence!  Hallelujah!  He sure didn't want to come out.. but I am glad that he finally did.  He received an eviction notice from, not only myself, but my doctor.  I was sent in to be induced on February 9, 2011.  I was to arrive at the hospital at 5:30 am bright and early.... and we did.  However, my doctor's receptionist failed to call the hospital to inform them of my planned induction.  It was an irritating start to a very long day.  But luckily, my doctor was on call, and he was expecting me.  So as soon as he was to arrive (and my story of being induced checked out), they promised to get me set up in a room and all of that good stuff.  The doctor didn't arrive until 8 am.  Oh well, Jason snuck down to the cafeteria and scored me some sweet french toast, bacon, and eggs.  I knew I would need all the energy I could get.

The day was far from easy, and my normal labor and delivery escalated to an emergency c-section.  Yeah... ouch.  It was the one thing that I had been dreading throughout my whole pregnancy.
***That is a story for another time.  I promise to give you the details soon.***

I wanted to take this time to introduce my first son!  That is so different to say!  I am used to saying daughter.

Without further adue, here is my new born baby boy!

First moments!
** 7 lbs 2 oz ** 21" long ** born at 2:26pm ** 2/9/2011 **

Baby K looks just like his daddy.

Yaaaaaaawn (did you just yawn too?)

A friend of ours made Baby K a cake.
It was super cute and very yummy!

Leaving the hospital

My little valentine!

I love this little outfit.  It says 
'Baby Scout'
'Cute Troop'

My attempt at being professional.

Don't worry.  His big sisters love him to pieces!  I will post pictures of them holding him soon!  I just thought Baby K deserved his very own debut!

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