Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Monday: Buying Grapes

I have been thinking... I know it could be dangerous... There are some things that I have learned in the last ten years that should really be passed on.  In all seriousness, I find it satisfying when I figure something out all on my very own!  Now I sound like a three year old.  So this series is for me to share those things, and for me to learn new things to share with you!  I realize that I am posting this late at night, but I have had other things to occupy my time today.
I love grapes.  They are one of my most very favorite snacks or sides.  I love the green ones the most, because they are a little bit sour.  They are a great way to get some good antioxidants too!

When Hoss and I were first married, I would get the grapes home, wash them, and put them in a bowl in the fridge.  Every time I did this, they would mold!  Talk about a waste of money.... so I stopped purchasing grapes for a while.

However, a few years ago, I learned a few tricks to picking out grapes and storing them, and I thought I would share those tips with you!  Maybe you already knew all of this, but I'm sure there is someone out there who is wondering just how do you know which grapes to pick.

Buying them:  Here is the little trick that ensures I buy fresh grapes that are going to last more than a day or two.

Always pick out grapes that have very green, fresh, and moist looking stems.  This is a sure sign that the grapes are fresh.  Once those stems start hardening, you are not going to get much time out of them.  So nowadays, I never, ever buy grapes unless the stems are green, because we like to eat them over a few days time.

Choose grapes that are firm.  They should not be too soft, otherwise, they will go bad a lot quicker, and in my case, they end up in the garbage... wasted.

Storing them:  I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I would get the grapes home, wash them, put them in a bowl, and place them in the freezer... I just have to say, "mistake mistake and mistake!"

Keep your grapes in the bag they come in.  Those bags have holes in them that allow the grapes to breath.  This helps prevent mold.  Once you wash those grapes, for some reason (this I don't know), they begin to ripen even faster.  So make sure you are planning to eat them when you wash them.

A childhood treat!  My mom used to freeze green grapes for a yummy little treat during the summer!

Coming soon!  New blog names for my family!  I am finally getting creative... sort of. :)  Have a great Tuesday!

 What did you think of this post?  Do you have any great ideas, or things you've learned that you would like to share as a guest on my blog?  Let me know!

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