Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feature Wednesday: Lovely T

I am trying to be a more avid blogger.  I want to keep long distance relatives updated on my family, and I want this to be more of a journal of the happenings in my life, as I see them.  So, I am creating Feature Wednesday.  Each member of my family will rotate each Wednesday.  Today?  Its Big T!

Big T took it upon herself to prepare a Family Home Even Lesson a few weeks ago.  I had a paper due for my Communications class, so I was preoccupied with that... I hadn't even thought about FHE (as I look down shamefully).  She created a collage picture of a temple and taught us about them.  She is a dynamic little girl, and I am so glad that she humbled me.  She remembered what was important.  Her words were, "I wanted to make a picture of a temple, but then a thought came to me, 'plan a Family Home Evening lesson too!'"

What a sweet little girl.  I am sure that this will not be the only lesson I learn from her, especially since there have been so many others before hand.

 Family Home Evening is a program that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has encouraged each family to take part in.  Basically, Family Home Evening is a time that the family gets together to learn, play, and grow closer as a family.  We typically have a lesson on a gospel teaching.  We pray, sing hymns, and counsel each other on how we can do better.  The prophet, President Thomas S. Monson encourages each and every family to set aside this time each Monday night.  That is a day that no Church meetings are held, so as to encourage this time.

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  1. Evelyn, I am so happy to know that my photography posts at BPP are helping you! YAY! Hope to see you again in 2 weeks. :)

  2. How completely wonderful it was for you, Tressa, to follow a prompting from the Holy Ghost to prepare a family home evening lesson. And what a lovely picture of the temple it is that you created!


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