Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Tooth Full of Surprises

Two days ago, I was examining Tressa's two loose teeth. Both of her middle bottom teeth were loose. They were very ready to come out, but she said, "I'm not ready for you to pull them!" She was nervous about it. We have all been there, and the first tooth is a little bit scary to lose.

Yesterday came and I mentioned to Jason that one of Tressa's teeth was ready to come out. He proceeded to get some toilet paper and said, "just let me look at it." Tressa was wary, like any little kid would be. Jason wiggled it and worked it, and finally, popped it out. The shock on Tressa's face was priceless. (Those of you who know Tressa well, understand her fear of blood). I just wish that I could have gotten a picture of her reaction. First fear, then laughter. She had been waiting for this moment for (what seems to her) a very long time.

Tressa was so excited and exclaimed how she would become rich because the tooth fairy would come and take her teeth!

Later in the day, I asked Tressa to let me examine her second loose tooth. She was wary, so like Jason, I said, "Just let me look at it." The tooth was so loose, I thought it would just pop out. Tressa whimpered and whined when I asked to have the washcloth she was holding. I told her it would be alright, it would be over soon. I gripped it with my finger tips, and pulled it out! So now, she is a double-toothless princess!

The tooth fairy even came! So just like Tressa predicted, she is rich!

Yaaay Tressa!

Later that day, we saw Hailee quietly feeling her teeth to see if there were any loose ones. I had to tell her, that her time will come, and she will have to wait just like Tressa did!

Two teeth that await the Tooth Fairy
 Even though Tressa now talks with a slight lisp, she is still a very cute princess... even with missing teeth!

Tressa was trying her hand at photography with this last one.


  1. You are really going to be ready for first grade now! I especially like your scary looking pose!

  2. Precious! I love little kids with teeth missing! Toothless six-year-olds are so appealing to me, it almost makes me want to cry! Wonderful pictures too. Thanks for your nice comment toward me on Jody Hedlund's blog! I will add you to my bookmarks and visit again!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! Any time! You might also look into my other blog. That is where I write the most. :)

    Thanks for checkin' in!


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