Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation!

Tressa has made it through her first year of official school!  Even after changing schools, and getting used to the culture change.  She did really well, and she set a wonderful example for her peers.  We repeatedly heard Tressa reporting bad language and bad behavior.  It really has been a different experience for her.

The program was short and sweet.  The kindergartners sang three songs.  Then it was off to award each child his or her diploma.  Tressa is happy to be done with this school year.

We have high hopes for both girls this coming fall.  They will be attending a different school since we moved after we enrolled Tressa.  They will know one ten year old, and a second grader!  The second grader is in our ward... they might even be more!

After the ceremony, we took Tressa home where we presented her with her surprise cake!  She loved it, and is currently still in love with it, since it came with a toy!  Now that summer has officially started, we will see what adventures we have in store... after all, we are exploring unknown territory!

Keep checking!

The kids paraded single file through the isles so that all of the parents could take pictures of them.

Down By the Bay: Tressa really likes singing this song. She thinks its really funny.

Everything Grows and Grows: Tressa says that this is her favorite song. They have been practicing it for months. She said that the first time she heard it, it made her cry. :)

Tressa receives her diploma! Yaaaay! That guy giving her the diploma is her teacher Mr. Hicks.


  1. Wow, Tressa, what an accomplishment! You are so grown up!

  2. I like the pictures, especially the one at the top. I love the title of your blog. Thought provoking.


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