Monday, November 22, 2010

Photo Shoot

During the summer, Grandma D, in Idaho, decided to do a photo shoot of each of her grandchildren with costume change and everything.  Well, Big T and Little H were both unable to participate, due to the 1,000 mile distance in between.

Last week, Grandma D came for a visit!  She came with Grandpa K, Uncle A, his daughter Little A,  and.... Uncle A Uncle W (There, how's that?).  Wow, there are a lot of A names!  Little A is Little H's same age and bestest friend in the whole world!  I hope yall follow this!  It can get confusing!

Grandma D announced that she wanted to do a photo shoot with the three little girls, even with the wardrobe changes too!  The girls were oh so excited!  We gathered the outfits that they would wear and set off before the sun went down.

The kids really enjoyed Grandma D being the photographer.  They posed and smiled.  It was very cute.  Here are the pictures that Grandma D took!

The trio made me laugh.  They were rockin' out all kinds of different poses.

Little H was unsure what pose to do, so this was her classic.

Big T!
She really took her assignment to pose seriously.  She thought her poses out.

Little H!
She really loved having her picture taken.  I love her necklaces.

There were over 100 pictures to choose from.  I'm sure I'll break out the others in the future! 

While us girls were taking pictures, the men went to the Alien Museum.  Exciting right?  Was it all you could have hoped for?  Here are a few of those pictures, taken by Grandpa K!

They have missed each other.

 Thanks for the fun visit!  It was so much fun to see you!  It was especially fun for Hoss, since it had already been one year since he has seen any of you!  We look forward to future visits to Idaho, and you visiting NM again!

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