Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One of Those Days

Today has been one of those very emotional pregnant days.  I don't have any clue why... it just is.  Thus far, after 6 months and 1 week, I have not had the irrational desire to cry.... until today.  I just thought I would mention to you how I am feeling today.

On another note.  I have been looking through my old blog.  I think there are some real gems posted there, so I am planning to post them here and there, as I think they should be.  Here is the very last post I had.  It was shortly after we moved here to Roswell.  If you have read it and don't want to, then just pass on by.  I personally think it is pretty entertaining.  It brought a smile to my face this wonderfully emotional day.


Posted March 3, 2010

Today we went to a little town called Artesia. It is 40 minutes south (depending on how fast you drive) from Roswell. Hoss had a work meeting there this morning. Being spring break, the girls and I went with him. In Artesia, there are a lot of little monuments and sight seeing things to visit. The girls and I were spending some time in a little side alley on Main St. They have fun little fountains with little rivers and neat art work telling the history of the area.

Big T and Little H were having a good time jumping over the little rivers and splashing their hands in the water fountains. I warned them repeatedly that they needed to be careful so they would not fall into the water. But they said, "OKAY!!!!" and kept on playing. I turned my back on Big T to see what Little H was up to (she is the one prone to accident), and I heard a sound like someone was taking a huge breath in (imagine jumping into a really cold lake or something... you tend to inhale really fast and hard-that is what I heard). I turned around to see Big T climbing out of the water fountain. She had fallen in to the 1 1/2 foot deep water and managed to get completely drenched, head to toe. I couldn't help but laugh. It was a comical sight. She was not as thrilled with it, but it made for a very interesting morning!

The finale.
Big T's miserable picture of being soaked.
It was between 50-60 degrees.
Hey, she got a new outfit out of the deal!
Keep Checking!  I have some pictures of the girl's bedroom coming soon.  Our digital camera mysteriously was dropped on the tile floor.  Tile plus anything breakable equals anything breakable, broken.  So, the most recent pictures are on Hoss's cell phone.  As soon as I get those...... 

Christmas wish list:  A new digital camera for me!  (hint, hint--Hoss)


  1. Yes, I remember this post...funny, but poor Tressa.

    And damn those hormones.

  2. I remember it, too. We were in Ireland at the time. And there's nothing wrong with having a good old cry once in a while. I felt like it when I was at the dentist this last week.


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