Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Worst Enemy--A Sleepless Mind

Do you ever have one of those days, where something is bugging you, and you just can't figure out why?  It is one of those types that keeps you up all night.  You play out every possible scenario in hopes that you can conclude something.

Well, I had one of those days yesterday....and one of those nights last night.  To this minute (currently 5:45 am), I have been awake since 1:30 am.  Oh, I fell asleep all right, around 10pm.  Slept like a baby, until I dreamt about some weird ghost that woke me up.  I think it was this "issue" that woke me up...it wasn't done being thought about.

I woke up, and made my multinightly trip to the bathroom.  Got a drink, because my throat and mouth were so dry, then went back to bed.  My eyes didn't close.  I just laid there wide awake.  I would close them in hopes of some kind of sleep... even dozing off, not last night though.  I finally got up.  I pondered about my little problem even more, then turned to the only outlet that I have at 3 am.  Writing.  Yes, I tossed and turned for 1 1/2 hours.... so I wrote.  I wrote a long over-due blog post for Sora's Journey, and now I am writing this...possibly a bit mindlessly.  I just hope that my mind will slow down long enough for me to take a nap today.

Anyway, my ambitions are to fold clean laundry and get caught up on the rest of the dirty.  What are you ambitions today?

I think I might look like this come lunch time.


 And I think I looked like this to Hoss as he was getting ready for work.

 Keep Checking!!  (said with a bleary eyed grin)... anyone who knows me, knows that I get delirious and goofy when super tired.  Should be an interesting day.

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