Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impulse Eating

The American culture seems to have developed the desire to eat for pleasure and not for sustenance...GUILTY!  Not only that, we tend to self sooth with food.  When one is depressed, he or she might open the refrigerator and find something to eat....with the possibility of not even being hungry... GUILTY again!

As a society we are so driven by our own cravings that a vast amount of us are eating ourselves to infertility, depression, laziness, and even death!  It seems that it is time (for me) to take control.

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem.  I am a bored eater.  As a stay at home mother, I often get bored and go to the kitchen for something to munch on.  The constant snacking adds up, and before I know it, I have consumed twice the amount of calories that my body needs.  Which, in turn, my body doesn't know what to do with the left calories... so what does it do?  It stores it!

Ways to beat the impulse!

  1. -Brush your teeth:  I find that I am less likely to snack if I have freshly brushed teeth.
  2. -Chew gum:  A great way to distract my mind with the fresh feeling of the spearmint.
  3. -Never, Never NEVER go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  I tell you, every time I do this, I wind up coming home with extra snack foods that are high in unhealthy carbs, and I spend more money!
  4. -Avoid the candy isle or the bakery section of the store.  Why flirt with temptation?
  5. -Make a shopping list, and stick with it.  Not only will you avoid impulse buying, but you will likely save money!
  6. -Plan meals in advance:  This helps me remember that there is a plan.  It saves money and prevents too much eating out.
  7. -Keep snack foods put away:  Never leave them out where you can see them.  Out of sight, out of mind!
  8. -Put healthier options in the front of the fridge, cupboards, and/or pantry.  That's a great way to forget about the unhealthy snack, and choose something good instead.
  9. -If you are having a craving, drink big glass of cold water.  This is a good way to put something in your stomach, and often times it fills the craving, because you are likely lacking in nutrients of some variety.
  10. -Stay active.  Remaining idle allows for my mind to wander to my habit of snacking.

These are all things that I am working on.  Some I do really well with, while others, I don't.  But we can change one behavior at a time! 

What are your tactics for overcoming compulsive eating?


  1. If I have a lot to do in one day, I don't have time to even eat dinner, let alone snack. this isn't the best way, because then I get hungry and want a quick snack. The best was is to have planned meals and keep busy.

  2. You could pack small healthy snacks in your purse or bag too!

    The best way for me to keep away from the snacks is definitely to keep busy... and to follow through with the eating plan. If I eat 5 small meals a day and I don't let too much time lapse between meals, I am less likely to snack or binge. :)


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