Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 1 Weight and Measurements

Here comes the true honesty.  Even my driver's license is not this honest... yes my driver's license is a liar.

Keep track of your weight and measurements.  I would recommend keeping a weight loss journal where you document what you eat, how often, and what your exercise routines are.  You should keep goals in this notebook, and all other things that you want to accomplish.  If you do not write down your goals, then you will not follow through with them!

My measurements in inches
Neck:  16.5"
Biceps: 16"
Bust:  52.5"
Waist: 54"
Hips:  52"
Thigh: 32"

My Weight: 
284 LBS - I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had already lost 5 pounds, and I hadn't even been following the program.  The one thing that I had cut out was no soda.  

My Height:
6 ft

My next measurement update will be Week 2: Monday the 9th of October, 2011.

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS  Oh my word, I have never disclosed my weight before.  It was difficult to enter it in.  How are you doing with your honest weight loss?

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