Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teaching Your Body to be Thin!

A few years back, I would get up every morning to go to the gym.  At 5am a talk radio program would play.  One particular morning a man by the name of Gabriel Guardian was talking about his weight loss.  He was extremely over weight and his doctor warned him that he needed to lose weight or possibly die.  He tried everything.  Atkins, low carb diets, and any other he heard about.  Each one, he would lost a little, but just gain it all back.  He even spoke with Dr. Atkins himself, who told him he would never lose the weight.
Gabriel Guardian

So he gave up.  He stopped trying.  However, he put his knowledge as a biology researcher to work.  He began to research the nutrients that the body needs each day.  So he started to slowly integrate those nutrients into what he consumed.  He started to slowly lose weight, and then a few months into his process of increasing his appropriate nutrient intake, the weight just started melting off.  He stated, "The trick is in teaching your body how to be thin."  That is just what he did.
The reason we have cravings is because our body is deficient in specific nutrients.  Once we start giving our body what it NEEDS, we will stop having those cravings that are usually unhealthy anyway!

I have felt strongly that Mr. Guardian has something here.  Just check out how great he looks.  We just need to teach our bodies how to be thin again.

I will be researching myself the nutrients needed, and I will post them as I continue my process.

I'm game.  Are you?

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

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