Monday, October 10, 2011

Weight Loss

Oh boy!  I've really started the journey big time.  I have been very absent from this blog because of my weight loss project.  I should really say that I am not losing weight, but changing my lifestyle.  I am also taking a math class that is making me a little crazy and stressed out.  It is a lot of busy work that almost seems impossible to finish each week.  It was supposed to be a fun class... now it is just a pain!

Hoss is still working as hard as ever.  He is the Elder's Quorum President for our ward now, so that is giving him plenty to do.. not to mention the arduous task of remapping home teaching!  He's eating that elephant one bite at a time for sure!

Big T is doing very well in the 2nd grade!  She loves her teacher and is going to be applying to the gifted program.  Her teacher is just getting all of the right paperwork together in order to do so.  She is reading on a 4th grade level.  It would be nice for her to excel even further!

Little H is also loving her new class.  She is in 1st grade and loving it.  She too is excelling at a quick pace.  Her reading level is at least 2nd grade, and she is at expectation in all things or past expectation!  She is very smart too!

Baby K is testing his skills at mobility.  We borrowed a door jumper from a friend, and he loves jumping up and down in it!  He gets a real kick out of it!  He is also scooting around on his belly, rolling around and today he even was scooting backwards on his rear end, propelled by pushing his feet against the ground.  He loves to laugh, and talk to people.  He is eating pretty much everything!  He is hungry very often, and gobbles his food up without any protest!

I am still taking classes.  I mentioned the math class already.  It has been a fully plate of things going on.  I am still Young Women's secretary and loving it!  On top of it all, I started a weight loss blog.  Have a looksie if you'd like.  I am doing it because I feel like I need the support, and others might need the support as well.  The blog has given me the motivation that I need to really change my lifestyle!  Please follow it, and pass it along to others who might benefit from it!

That is all for now!  I hope you are all well!  I will post again as soon as I can!

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