Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day Four of the Creation

Before we started studying the Creation, we read the scriptures for the exact account.

First we read it in Genesis, then we read it in the book of Moses, and finally, the book of Abraham.  All three are essentially the same, but I wanted the girls to be able to know that with the scriptures, there are multiple witnesses of the events, prophesies, and teachings written.

Since we are studying each day more in depth, including science, I decided that we needed to read at least one of the accounts, for that day before we begin.  Both girls love reading the scriptures, and they are very good at pronouncing the difficult words.  I can't think of a better way to become a strong reader.

Baby K was learning sorting.
Day four, God divided the day from the night, and created the sun to rule the day, and the moon to rule the night.  He also created the stars.  The scriptures say, "and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years;" (Moses 2: 14).  A great opportunity to study the seasons, and time, right?  Well, next week, we are going to create our own sun dial.  I'll post that in a separate post.

 So I found a website that had a diagram of the Earth's rotation and revolution around the sun (that is the diagram that I drew on my marker board -pictured below-, but I had to erase part of it before I thought of taking a visit the link to see the full diagram).  Along with the diagram, I drew the four seasons that we usually experience.

My Diagram

I taught them about how the earth is on the axis, and it spins.  One rotation taking a full day.  Then we talked about how the earth revolves or orbits the sun, and it takes 365 days aka 1 year to make it all the way around the sun.  We then discussed that the earth is positioned at different angles toward the sun as it revolves... which causes the seasons to change.  You can see it in the diagram.

I needed a way to show them what it means to spin on the axis, and luckily, the Lord is on my side, because He fed me the idea that I needed to get the point across... in a fun way!

What you need:

1 apple
1 chopstick

Insert the chopstick through the center of the apple.  I suggest pushing it through from the top side, across the core and out the opposite bottom side.  That way, you can see the differences around your "earth" as you pretend to make the apple revolve around the "sun."  In this case, we used a trick-or-treat pumpkin to represent the sun.  Spin the apple on the chopstick, while you make it revolve around your sun.  

Baby K saw the apple on a stick, and he insisted that he have it.  So, we made up a fun Creation Day Four snack!  Apple on a stick.  Big T, and Little H both got one too!   

We finished up our lesson with vocabulary words, that both girls wrote 3 times.

Fun lesson!

Now it is on to sewing Little H's Halloween costume!  The kid's costumes are a surprise!  Don't worry, I'll post pictures!



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  1. What a great way to learn about the earth and its relationship to the sun! What a great way to apply the scriptures to our lives.


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