Friday, October 5, 2012

A Magic Kind of Day

The girls have been learning about the Creation and everything in it.  We read the Creation directly from Genesis, then we compared it to Moses.  After doing that, I thought it would be fun to cover the universe!  We have so many tools at our fingertips to help us in our homeschool journey!  The Internet is chuck full of resources!  So, we began our research on the sun, the planets, the moons, and the stars in our universe!  Did you know that Mars has two moons that are not perfect spheres?  That is because both of those moons do not have a strong enough gravity to pull itself into the tight sphere!  Our universe is full of wonder!  I feel so blessed that we have it to ponder and learn about!

In the last few days, I have been doing more research on lapbooks.  We have been making everything
we need, for Big T and Little H to include all of their learning about the creation and everything within that topic, to put together our own lapbooks!  They get to color, write, cut and paste how they wish.  Then they will have the opportunity to team teach daddy about what they've been learning!  Sounds fun right?

So, while they color their planets, and their Plan of Salvation diagrams, I thought they could take some color time to watch The Magic School Bus!  What an amazing show!  And it just so happens that on YouTube, you can find almost any episode you wish!   

Big T and Little H coloring

We chose The Magic School Bus: Gets Lost in Space, which goes through all of the planets with fun facts about each one, starting with the sun!  We have watched it a few times since the beginning of the week, and I'm sure we'll watch it a few more times before our lapbooks are complete!

So while I was making lunch and listening to the video, I have to admit, that I welled up a little bit.  What an amazing teacher Miss Frizzle is, to create such excitement for her class!  Of course she is pretend, but seriously!  That is what learning is about...finding the excitement for a subject that drives us to learn and understand it!  In pretty much every episode, the children were left on their own to figure out a crisis, to solve a problem, or to figure out what is happening and why.  They take their education into their own hands.  They do not wait for Miss Frizzle to tell them what to think or do, she gives them the room to figure it out on their own.  This is what we are trying to achieve here, one step at a time.  Success is almost long as we can delve deep to understand the things we love!  Because when we do, we HAVE to learn all aspects of education in order to fully understand it!

...Baby K is sitting next to me on the couch.  Learning in his own way.  He is playing with the farm animal set.  Stacking them, standing them up, and just rearranging them.  What is he learning?  Possibly to sort, but mostly, I don't know... I do know that he LOVES animals!

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