Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day Three of the Creation

We are plugging away nicely here with the Creation.  I suppose we are taking our time with it.  Fun activities here and there, pointing to the glorious world we live in, the animals, the plants, everything.  The following are the things I happened to remember to get pictures of!

Day three of the Creation, God divided the dry land and the water, naming the dry land earth, and the water, seas.  He also caused all of the plants, trees, and seed yielding herbs to come forth out of the earth.
Lady Bug coloring her earth with its land and seas,
and writing the information she's learned.

Bunny (Big T) and Lady Bug (Little H) helped come up with our vocabulary list that went with the topic.

We learned some fun ways to draw trees, and we made a list of some plants and trees that grow.

I like going with the flow of the lesson, and I have that we should go out of the house in hunt for tree leaves.  We have an awesome book on trees that my wonderful Aunt Janet gave me when I graduated from high school.

*Side story:  Aunt Janet visited us in Idaho a lot.  I always loved spending time with her, as she was so much fun, and I think we are kindred spirits.  I had a news paper route that I worked from about the age of 7 or 8 to 14 or so.  When she would visit, she would come with me.  I always took my time, playing along the way.  An hour (walking) job, usually took me 2 or more hours.  I remember her looking at this really huge tree.  The trunk had to be 6 feet in diameter!  She remarked on how big it was, and mentioned that it had to be at least 100 years old.  I was fascinated.  I think that sparked something in me, because from then on, I paid attention to trees.  I love trees.  I guess, that is in thanks to her!  So when I graduated, she must have noticed that my love of trees lived strong, because she sent me this book, that I've referred to many times!  It is packed full of information about all of the different trees, with ways to tell what they are by the bark, leaves, and shape.*

So I thought we'd use that book to identify the leaves we find, based on the descriptions and pictures.  As we looked them up, we will string them up to hang somewhere as a fall decoration!  Fun fun!  Now we just need a free morning to do it!

Our kitchen is our best workspace.  It just goes to show, homeschooling in a tiny house is doable!

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