Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today was a bit cold outside.  Okay, for a native Idahoan referring to 65 degree weather as cold is pretty much disgraceful.  I'm sorry.  The south has a way of weakening any cold blooded person!  But, even a now southern girl, can appreciate the soft cool breezes that come with 65 degree, sunny weather!  So today, after some work on our school project, we headed to the park!  I call it the dinosaur park.

It is a brand new park!  Finished at the end of the summer, with fun new toys that spin, and
dinosaur toys for little kids to play on!  It was fun...and to make things even better, we had the whole place to ourselves!  I realize it would be fun to have other kids to play with, but that was not our objective today.

Today, we did team building obstacle courses.  Through encouraging each other to complete the challenge, we had so much fun and got exercise!  We'll definitely be going back to that park!  I took a bunch of pictures, but unfortunately, only a few transferred to my computer.  I forgot to check that they all transferred before I deleted them from my I posted the best ones that I had.


I hadn't ever heard of lapbooks until very recently.  It could be that they have become a kind of trend in education.  I don't know if any schools use them, but I've heard of a lot of homeschoolers using them.  Its a great way for the child to put together the information that they are learning about a topic, organize it, personalize it, and make a little book that they can review whenever they want!  They can use it as a tool to teach siblings, friends, and parents!  I'm excited to be taking our own turn at this little educational activity!

Baby K is my model
We are currently studying the Creation, and I thought it would be an awesome idea to put what we learn in the lapbook. I don't have many pictures yet, as we are in the beginning stages of the project.  We will be covering the solar system, the elements of the earth, and the animals on the earth, along with the Plan of Salvation.  I'm so excited!  I expect the whole lesson to be complete in a month or so.  There is a lot to learn!  We'll make sure to post pictures after we are all done!

On YouTube, you can find many videos showing you how to make them.  Ultimately, you can do it however you want.  I watched a few to get ideas and then made my own.  I'll keep you posted!

 Tomorrow will be more work on our lapbooks, and chores!  Yay for chores!  I know my girls are thinking the same thing! :)

The pumpkin spaghetti is starting to smell delicious... I had better go and cook those noodles!  Happy fall everyone!


  1. Nice "chilly" day! We had a chilly day ourselves!

  2. Wow That park looks Fun!!Oooh,nice and cold! Thanks Evelyn!


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