Sunday, October 7, 2012

Facebook and Some Pictures

Today marks 1 week, and 2 days that I have deleted my facebook account.  It was a decision long in the making.  I put it off for so long, because it is the easiest way to stay in contact with family and friends that live far away.  Months ago,  I went as far as "unfriending" just about half of my friends.  If it was you, it wasn't anything personal.  I just decided to cut my friend list down to family (extended included, and friends I interact with all the time). 
Everything else was just taking up way to much of my time.  I finally came to the conclusion, that I have other means of communication, and do keep in contact with those same people already.  So, why keep something that is clearly taking up the hours and days of my life.  I'm honestly scared to know how many days of time I've spent on facebook.

So dear family and friends.  Please know that I'm no longer on facebook and come visit my blog a little more often.  Call me, text me, email me.  I want to see your pictures too! :)

Here are some fairly recent photos of my brood!

One last little bit.  As I was editing the photos for this post, Hoss suggested that my logo/blog title be "through the happily ever after."  I thought about it, and since it has been "after the happily ever after," I haven't thought much about changing it.  However, upon reflection, it just makes more sense.  Because we are really still striving for our official happily ever after, and we are living it every day of our lives!  



  1. At least we don't have to chat via fezz face anymore!

  2. Jason, you are very silly! Especially since YOU initiated them! :)

  3. I love that Jason is referred to as Hoss in this! :D

  4. Ha ha ha... Mike, it was either Hoss or Charming. :)

  5. I like it: Through the happily ever after! I love the pictures, too. Yes, keep me informed of your posts, for sure!


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