Friday, October 12, 2012

Helaman's Stripling Warriors

I have been doing a lot of thinking about General Conference this past Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing, and it was just what I needed after the 6 month wait from last April.  What exciting changes that are being made!  Missionary work is going to keep moving forward, and we all have the opportunity to get more involved! 

I read a blog post yesterday, that hit the nail on the head, in terms of how I feel about it all (Conference, the topics, and applying them in my life).  Go here to read
It is totally worth the time!

Many of the talks were witnesses to me of what I need to be focusing more of my time on as a mother, and as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I don't want to stand before Him and have Him ask me three times if I love Him...because I just didn't get "It."  I have lots of room to improve when it comes to missionary work.  I mean,
we live in the mission field....but most people here in Hobbs duck their heads down as to not make contact.  I guess I'm going to have to get a little bit more friendly....and guess what?  We are getting new neighbors (in the loud neighbor's old house).  It looks like we will be baking some cookies!

My Stripling Warriors!
Back to the topic at hand.  I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to realize that I'm raising possible missionaries.  I personally feel that since the Adversary has increased His efforts to cause confusion, hate, sin, and spiritual death, I have to likewise increase spiritual learning, nurturing of testimony, prayer, and teaching my children how to feel the Holy Ghost.  It isn't enough anymore for the child to make it through to the teenage years without having a testimony.  It needs to start at or before the age of 8!  That is the crucial age isn't it?  Right and wrong must be established, with the knowledge (appropriate for the age) of how repentance works.  It is not enough, if a child does not know what he or she is feeling, when the Holy Ghost testifies of truth.  I feel that in order for the child to progress without falling into deep ignorant sin, he or she needs those basics closer to being mastered so much younger.  After all, children are being introduced to alcohol, drugs and sex at earlier ages than 8.  Just a few days ago, I saw a family looking at the house next to us.  The little girl (maybe 3 at the oldest) was walking around caring an empty beer bottle.  She was pretending to drink out of it...or at least trying to drink out of it.  I knew of  a young boy at the age of 13 was hooked on meth and cocaine, and had been for a few years.  That was over 10 years ago.  I can't imagine it being any better now.

Hoss pointed me to Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk, Brethren, We have Work to Do.  Hoss mentioned to me that this talk isn't just for the brethren, but for the mothers as well.  I would second this.  We do have work to do.  We do have so much to do in order to prepare our children for the mission field.

I am reminded of the story of the two friends for the pre-mortal existence.  One would be called to live in a righteous home, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was alive.  The other, would be called to grow up in a home that was lost in darkness.  The first promised to find his friend, and they both went their ways.  Here's the thing.  How can it be just one person that any of us promised to find and teach?  One thing I have learned while being "in the mission field," is that there are many people that I was close to in our pre-mortal existence.  I believe there are also many people that we promised to find.

I'll end this post with posting my most favorite conference talk of the whole General Conference.  Okay, I can't really claim most favorite, because they are all so good, and at one point or another will be considered as my favorite.  But, this one, for now, is my favorite. 

by Jefferey R. Holland


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