Sunday, September 30, 2012

Counting, Planning, and Saving Money

Friends, Family, Countrymen....

The school year has started just fine.  We've had some random lessons here and there, and have done some fun activities.  Now we are just trying to find our niche in the world of homeschool.  I've read up on a lot of homeschool styles, curriculum, and so far, none of them fit our own home perfectly.  I've heard of some families that follow one specific program, and they keep to it strictly with a schedule very similar to public school.  That style doesn't work for me... maybe because I like to be different.  I don't know.  So far, we are studying out of the Bible, and adding on any lesson that I am excited about, or that the
girls show interest in.  This week, we will be counting money.  Our family book for now is Inkheart.  Its such a great book!  I love the imagination, and how it gets the reader to think outside of the box!

Lately, the girls, Big T and Little H, have taken on some responsibilities in which they get to earn money.  This is a new idea for the both of them, and they both have had their turn flaunching at the bit in order to spend their money.  I found out quickly that it was the appeal of getting change back, not necessarily what they were buying.  After a few instances of they buying cheap junk that usually finds its way to the dumpster within a few days of buying it, I decided that education on the topic was in order.

I really understand the feeling of wanting to spend money.  I've been there.  We all have at some point or another.

As I would watch them pay for their cheesy, useless trinkets, I realized how unprepared they are for life.  They ARE they are very young.  8 and 7.  And they don't need to be able to budget and fend for themselves yet.  But why can't they start learning?  I think I was scrounging up money to buy Popsicles, candy bars, penny candies, and little cheap toys from Eastman Drug Store back home when I was their age.  Neither of them really get how to count their money (well, they can count.  Its hard to explain...they don't understand the significance) to add on sales tax, and how to make sure they are getting the right amount of change back.  Little H will refer to a $20 bill (which she has received from her grandparents for her birthday) as "a dollar."  It was cute when she was smaller.  But I think it is time for her to learn the difference!

I am now bowing my head down in chagrin.  But in my own defense, I had a lot more freedom in small town Idaho 20 years ago.  Now we live in a town that is just under 40k in population...not to mention we are not too far from the roughest part of town.  It seems like every place we've lived, we are way too close to possible danger to even think of allowing our children the freedom that both Hoss and I experienced at our young ages.  I'm speaking of walking to the store to buy what we have saved up to buy.  Or biking down the the snow cone shack, or the gas station to buy gum.  My kids won't get to experience that until they are much older.

...Sidetrack ended...

So this week, we are focusing on addition and subtraction of basic numbers.  The girls really like working problems out on our giant white board that I found on clearance at Target! *Man they can have great sales!*  They both have their very own little white board as well.  I tell you, that was a great purchase in my opinion!  During Wal-Mart's back to school sales, we bought 3 small dry erase boards for $2.50 a piece or something like that. 

We'll start counting Monopoly money this week as well.  Then on payday, I have a super fun and awesome lesson planned for the girls!  It has to deal with money, and purchasing things for real!  EEK!  They'll love it!  Maybe I'll share that next Sunday!

I'm not sure how my blogging schedule will go from here on out... maybe I won't have one.  You will find that the facebook button no longer works.  I deleted my account to help me make more time for teaching, writing, and other duties.  Hopefully, you'll see more posts now that I'm free of facebook type of distractions!

Soon, I'll post some up-to-date pictures of the kids.  I have to sift through all of our pictures...its been a while!

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